Hidden Colosseum Found, Hinting at Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring is the game to end all games, and because that is the case, we're all just sitting pretty, waiting for more content.

Elden Ring Colosseum
A colosseum to fight dragons in? Why not. | © Elden Ring

This is huge, so let me start at the beginning: Back in March, Lance McDonald - a reknown Souls game hacker - found some colosseum locations within the game code, suggesting that they might one day be used for DLC.

Now, YouTuber Sekiro Dubi was actually able to access those locations, and it turns out they come with names, NPCs, and a whole story attached, but... read and watch for yourself:

The most interesting thing here, is that the colosseum actually features a giant lion fighting a knight. But... that's not all there is to it. The colosseum also features a Site of Grace, as well as NPCs sitting outside, along with dialogue. On top of all that, there is a Ritual Shield Talisman outside, which states that the arenas remain of a bygone area.

Colosseum DLC Coming to Elden Ring?

So, as you can see, these colloseums (is that the plural?) come with a whole story, making it very likely that they might be included in some form of DLC. Of course, it could just be scrapped content that stays scrapped forever, but if you anything about Elden Ring's player base, then you'll know that everyone will go nuts for a colosseum. Throw some more dedicated PvP features on top, and I'm done with life.

Since FromSoftware basically grants DLC to all of their releases, Elden Ring should be no exception. Thus far, though, there's been no official word on DLC coming (but there is word on Elden Ring 2), so it might still be a while. Still... a colloseum? New dream unlocked.