Elden Ring: Player Creates Mike Tyson

The character editor spurs players to creative excellence. Here we have a particularly funny example for you: Mike Tyson in Elden Ring!
Elden Ring gameplay
Elden Ring is Epic! | © From Software

Elden Ring hit like a bomb. The hype has continued unbroken since the release. Elden Ring introduced a number of innovations to the basic From Software formula, including not only an open world or mount, but also a much more detailed character creation program than before.

Many players have taken advantage of this to create characters from other franchises in the game. Now, an Elden Ring player has created legendary boxer Mike Tyson using the character creator.

Michael Gerald Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in American history back in 1986 and took part in 58 fights before he eventually retired in 2005.

Summon Mike Tyson in Elden Ring!

Redditor andyj610 shared a screenshot during an encounter with Mike Tyson, or a character that looks like Mike Tyson, in Elden Ring. Players in Elden Ring can summon other players to help them in boss fights.

Summon Mike Tyson? from Eldenring

The screenshot by Andyj610 shows a player named Mike Tyson. The character is very muscular, he is not wearing a shirt. His clothing is limited to a pair of white shorts and boots.

Most noticeably, he carries Iron Ball First weapons, which give his hands a round silhouette similar to that of boxing gloves. Unlike real boxing gloves, however, the Iron Ball weapons are made of metal and would probably be banned in real rings.

Elden Ring fans should thus not be surprised to see Mike Tyson in the game. Give people a character editor and they go nuts! A variety of other famous pop culture icons have already found their way into Elden Ring. So it probably won't be long before we find another even funnier character.

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