Sony Wants To Make An Elden Ring Cinematic Universe

The head of PlayStation Studios explained in a recent interview, why Sony invested in FromSoftware, makers of Elden Ring. And yes, it is kinda wild.

Ranni the Witch from Elden Ring
Will Elden Ring be turned into a movie? | © FromSoftware

Ah well, this is weird, isn't it? Sony plans to work with FromSoftware to make moves and TV shows based on their IPs. That includes Elden Ring, the best game ever made. Yup, this is legit. Sony recently invested in FromSoftware, buying a minority stake, and they recently explained why they did that.

Best Picture Goes To Elden Ring

In a recent interview with Reuters, head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst talked a whole lotta yang about the business side of Sony's PlayStation division and their plans for the future are. Among many things, he also talked about the recent investment in FromSoftware. And he made it clear, that they want to turn that delicious Elden Ring goodness into movies and shows:

"You should think of collaborations on the game development side first and foremost, but it's also not unthinkable with our PlayStation Productions efforts that we explore opportunities."

In case you didn't know, PlayStation Productions is the film and TV production division of Sony, which has been firing from all cylinders recently. We already got the Uncharted movie, a ridiculous-sound Gran Turismo movie is already on its way, Horizon will be turned into a show and more. Now it looks like they want to expand their portfolio together with From Software. And what would fit better into that then Elden Ring. That game sold around 17 million copies and was one of the biggest hits in recent years. Strike while the iron is hot etc. etc.

The only game that could dethrone Elden Ring as my GOTY is God of War Ragnarök, but that one already has some issues:


That headline is bull. The quote alludes to nothing regarding an elden ring film.

Clickbait nonsense.

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