GTA 5 Player Finally Completes Pacifist Run After 3 Years

After three years a GTA 5 player has finally done it: the perfect pacifist run. Well, not perfect; you do need to kill some people to complete the game, but not many. Here was how they did it.

GTA 5 Pacifist Run
Trevor can't believe it... | © Rockstar

Pacifism and GTA are two words rarely heard in the same sentence (and we're quite sure Rockstar's lawyers will be anything but peaceful when they come face-to-face with the 17-year-old who hacked them). But there are always players who like to do things a little differently. And one such player recently shared a GTA 5 run completed with as few casualties as possible. This is the more "moral" way to complete GTA, so to speak. Let's see how he did it, and how many people he was "forced" to kill.

The Ultimate GTA 5 Anti-Casulty Run

YouTuber DarkViperAU has finally completed his pacifist GTA 5 run after a whopping 3 years. To do this, it took thousands upon thousands of attempts, and often involved running to objectives while desperately trying to avoid incoming fire. But it wasn't perfect; in total DarkViperAU had to kill just 96 enemies to get through the game. That sounds like a lot, but it's miniscule compared to the average kills a player makes completing GTA 5.

In a breakdown video after the fact, DarkViperAU calculated the amount of kills each of the protagonists made, and the results are unsurprising. Trevor has to kill the highest number of enemies, followed by Michael, and then Franklin. Perhaps the new female protagonist will be just as violent as Trevor, we'll have to wait and see.

So there you have it folks, that's how few people you need to kill to complete a "pacifist" GTA 5 run. Do you think you can beat it? We would love to know if anyone can, so get in touch if you ever accomplish a more peaceful run.

How long will it take for someone to do the same in GTA 6, probably a little longer based on what we've heard...