Proven Leaker Suggests New Release Date For GTA 6

The same leaker who was correct about the Forspoken and Hogwarts Legacy delays has just informed us of GTA 6's new release date. The recent hacking attack has pushed it back from what we originally thought, but not by much.

GTA 6 Map Leak
A new release date has been planned following the hacking attacks! | © Rockstar

GTA 6 was recently revealed to the world. Not by Rockstar's choice, we should add, but thanks to them being hacked (don't worry, they've already caught the perpetrator, a 17-year-old teenager from the UK).

Now you might be tempted to think "yay, now we can see what GTA 6 is going to look like", but sadly it's not all good news. Because of this attack, Rockstar have had to conduct an investigation and development has stalled. So now, thanks to all the extra work the hacking attack has given Rockstar, we're hearing rumors of a new release date.

New Release Date For GTA 6, Post-Hacks

As first shared by @PereaAdrien, GTA 6 will be released in 2025. So not, as some optimistically believed, 2024. And we do believe this person because they were right about both the Forspoken and Hogwarts Legacy delays, which happened recently. Here's exactly what they wrote:

So there you have it folks, a short (and sad) bit of news to let you know that GTA 6 is now even further away. And delays aren't the only reason to discourage hacking and leaks of this scale, they're a "nightmare" for fans and devs alike.

Do you still support big leaks? Or do you hate them as much as spoilers? Let us know down below.

For an overview on everything we know about GTA 6 so far, check out this vid: