Wat, GTA 6 Will Cost How Much?!

GTA 6 has just been blown up with a massive leak from a hacker group. They also revealed the supposed cost of GTA 6 and this one is a shocker.

GTA money
Damn, that's a good amount of money! | © Rockstar

Ok, sit down and hold on to something. As part of the massive GTA 6 leaks, tons of details about the game have been revealed. This seems to include the cost of the game. A number has been floating around on the internet, and it is a shocker.

GTA 6 Could Be The Most Expensive Game Of All Time

During the hot mess that was the whole leak situation, a number was unearthed for the budget of GTA 6: over $2 billion is what has been claimed to be the budget of the game. Damn, that's a lot! Originally, there was some confusion about this figure. Of course, its legitimacy is still questionable, even though all the other material from the leak has been legit. But it also wasn't clear, what exactly the $2 billion meant.

Check out everything we know about GTA 6 in this video:

At first, it was communicated that these billions were already spent on the game. Even though it has been supposedly in pre-production since 2014 and full production since 2019, this wouldn't make much sense. And yes, that is obviously BS. But this number could still be real, as an industry insider explained on Twitter.

So the $2 billion could be the entire budget for GTA 6, which would easily make it the most expensive video game ever. Seems a bit high, since the highest reported budgets are Star Citizen with around half a billion dollars and Cyberpunk 2077 with $317 million. Official numbers for GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 have never been revealed, with estimations seeing these budgets at around $300 Million for both games. Red Dead 2 even has some suggestions going up as high as 540$ Million. Can GTA 6 really be that much more expensive?

We think: yes! Considering the incredible success and longevity of Grand Theft Auto 5, it would make sense that Rockstar and parent company Take-Two want to throw everything they can at this game and make it one of the biggest games ever. That includes tons of marketing and post-launch support. Also, GTA 6 has been in development for years and is still a while away, so those expenses will be very high as well. Still... that's a lot of money! We better get some incredible trailers. And soon please, Rockstar. Thanks.