Rumors Of A New Ocean-Themed Souls Game: Project Abyss

FromSoftware are going from strength to strength, with Elden Ring likely to win most of this year's GOTY awards, and their next game already in development. And the first rumors surrounding that new game have just emerged. Apparently we're in for an ocean-themed Dark Souls experience...

Ocean-Themed Dark Souls
Will they keep with the open-world model, or are we back to a classic Souls game? | © FromSoftware

Normally we wouldn't bat an eye-lid over a 4chan "leak", but that would be foolish in the case of FromSoftware games. Because, for those unaware, the last few FromSoftware games, and even the DLCs for Dark Souls 3, were leaked on 4chan first. So there must be an insider who likes to frequent the site. Nevertheless, these are still just rumors, and none of this is confirmed. But this latest rumor sounds plausible, and so we wanted to share it with you.

Leak Describes Ocean-Themed Souls Game

An anonymous poster to 4chan's video game board recently shared details about one of the upcoming FromSoftware game. Luckily, it was screenshotted by a Redditor before it was lost to time. Here's what the 4chan-user described:

>Development started midway through EE’s around the time it was announced
>Hidetaka is only involved as a supervisor, Tanimura is director. Hidetake considers him his “fixer" and wants to give his protégé an opportunity to make his own game without the s*** that was attached to Dark Souls 2 development. It's also a test of sorts to see if the development team can handle a project without him
>Game is like “Dark Souls” through and through. Much smaller scale then EE, but with a smaller budget too. Described as playing like “Dark Souls 3.5".
>Game was originally envisioned as taken place in the Dark Souls universe, but it’s set in the distant future in which everything from the OG trilogy is a distant memory So its not really a sequel. Was supposed to take place in the "Age of the Deep Sea" Aldritch dreamed of. This may or may not the case in the final version.
>Game has a heavy “corrupted” water theme; takes place in a coastal area with sea-side temples and fishing villages. Enemies are mostly dark-corrupted, shadowy sea beasts. Has has a very dark mood
>Main gameplay innovation is it's duel level design; it's much more in line with the Dark Souls series then Elden Ring, but has “two” maps, one on land, the other underwater. (Underwater has much different rules, but no real “swimming” in the game sense. it's all at the bottom of the abyssal ocean). Boats are a thing. but are more like special warp-points to get too different parts of the map
>Smaller additions include new weapon types, a new magic system (Miracles and Pyromancy has been forgotten), and the usual stuff.

This is perfectly believable, promising, even. And so we really wouldn't be surprised if this does turn out to be the next FromSoftware game. But as we said up top, it's all just a rumor right now.

What do you think about an ocean-themed Dark Souls game? Is it too limited in its scope? Or is this the perfect setting? We can certainly imagine some sea creatures making the shortlist for best bosses...

Could this be the pirate game we've all been waiting for?