New Leak Is Very Bad News for Bloodborne on PC

A very reliable leaker has broken everyone's heart, by claiming that Bloodborne is no longer coming to PC. Read on, to find out more.
Bloodborne coming to pc
If you're waiting for a PC version of Bloodborne, we got bad news for you... | © Bloodborne

Everyone is waiting for a PC version of Bloodborne, obviously. It's one of the best games of all time, but it ran like garbaggio on the PS4. After many, many rumors of a remaster or PC version coming, we got some bad news: A notorious and credible leaker claims, that From Software are not working on a new version of Bloodborne. *insert sad smiley*

[Update, June 04]

We got another negative bit of info regarding a PC version of Bloodborne. Famous journalist Colin Moriarty, who revealed info on a possible Bloodborne remaster before, came out to talk about the much anticipated re-release again. This time however, he is less sure than before...

In the latest episode of his podcast Sacred Symbols, Moriarty talked about Bloodborne again:

With Bluepoint, I was…I’ve been talking to someone reliable who was like, ‘No, man, Bluepoint…isn’t making that…anything to do with Demon’s Souls or Bloodborne or anything like, the Souls games at all.’ And I was like, really? So now I’m double guessing—I’m second-guessing…if that game’s coming. I think it is [coming], you know, like a Bloodborne remaster and all of that…what I heard is that it is. So I don’t know anymore about that, I’m totally confused, I might be wrong about that.

So yeah, even of the most prominent cheerleaders for a new version of Bloodborne is pulling back a little bit. Of course, this is nothing concrete and he does say, that he believes in a Bloodborne remaster. But the signs are not great right now.

However, if we hear anything new or actually finally get a new version of Bloodborne, we will let you know first. Read on to see our original reporting on another leak regarding Bloodborne on PC.

Bloodborne Is Probably Not Coming To PC

This leak comes from someone known as "Omnipotent" on forums like ResetEra or Reddit. And let me tell you... this guy is a legend. He is easily the most reliable leaker for all things FromSoftware. He leaked everything, and I mean everything, even about an unannounced game from the developers. So we trust him when he is talking. That makes this one hurt even more...

He claims that FromSoftware are not working on anything regarding Bloodborne, meaning no remaster or PC version either. Here is what exactly he said:

While I don't know every detail of everything, and some things I've known far more about than others, I've never come across anything being done with Bloodborne. Sequel, Remaster, PC port, even a patch. Never have I heard a peep about anything.

There you have it, folks... Bloodborne for PC is not happening. Or is it? Omnipotent can only talk about what's going on inside From Software, so people still have hope for a remake or remaster by a studio like Bluepoint, like they did for Demon's Souls. But not gonna lie... I'm hurt. I'll nurture my soul by playing the amazing Bloodborne PSX though... that's the best we'll get anyway.