Check Out This Dark Souls 4 Trailer on Unreal Engine 5

Dark Souls 4 is highly anticipated, and now we're at least getting a little something to soothe our impatience.
Dark souls 4 unreal engine 5
Oh, what could be... | © FromSoftware

Elden Ring is amazing - no ifs, no ands and no butts about it. But, Elden Ring might have also put the last nail in the Dark Souls 4 coffin. After all, Elden Ring is so much more succesful than Dark Souls, and it even satisfies Dark Souls fans, so... why release a fourth Dark Souls, when a second Elden Ring is guaranteed to sell more? Luckily, though, some dedicated fans went to work and gave us a glimpse of what Dark Souls 4 could look like:

Actually... looking at it now, I'm not sure if they did us a service, giving us a glimpse of a future that will never be... well, no matter how you feel about it, you have YouTuber TeaserPlay to thank for the showcase. Here's what the creator had to say about his blue-balls-inducing tease:

This game is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games for Souls fans. [...] Dark Souls IV could be made with the theme of Greek culture, [with] huge buildings and sculptures - and countless mythical stories could be a good option for the new opening of the Souls series. I used Lumen and Nanite for rendering this video in Unreal Engine 5 and apart from its concept features, it could be an amazing showcase from this powerful game engine.

Here's the mandatory "FromSoftware, hire this man", because... come on, which one of us here would say no to a Dark Souls 4 that looks like that? The game is certifiably gorgeous, and we wouldn't mind to see more. Also, we wouldn't mind a second Elden Ring, so... either way, gamers win.