Elden Ring Fans, This Is What You've Been Waiting For

Dragon's Dogma is the closest thing in combat quality to Elden Ring, and now it's getting a sequel.
Dragons dogma 2
Dragon's Dogma 2 is finally coming. | © Dragon's Dogma

The year was 2018... or actually screw it, I don't know what year it was, but I finally played Dark Souls 3. I got over my soft ass worrying that the game was gonna be dark and make me gloomy, and just went with it. What resulted was a beautiful addiction. 1 playthrough, 2 playthroughs, 3... eventually I was double-wielding crossbows and wondering: What else can scratch that itch? What other game is out there. The answer back then was: Dragon's Dogma.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Finally Official

Elden Ring scratched that itch and then some, but that was year's later, and I'm already wondering "what comes after Elden Ring?" Well, after Dark Souls 3 there was Dragon's Dogma, and after Elden Ring there shall be Dragon's Dogma 2. Yup, the sequel to the best combat in fantasy RPGs has finally been made official. Forgot the Mordor games, this is - hands down - the best combat fantasy gaming has to offer.

In case you're wondering why the combat is so great, well... the mastermind behind Devil May Cry is behind it, Hideaki Itsuno. But don't worry, Dragon's Dogma is not a linear experience - the Dark Souls comparisons are well founded. The difference is that the combat is arguably deeper combat, features AI controlled allies, and a choreography that rivals John Wick.

There is no release date for Dragon's Dogma 2, but the devs confirmed that Dragon's Dogma will run on the RE engine, so good graphics are guaranteed. Stay tuned for more, and if you haven't yet... go play Dragon's Dogma you fool.