George R.R. Martin Warns HotD Could Make The Same Mistake As GoT

Game of Thrones is a textbook example of how writers in Hollywood can't produce anything good on their own, which is why they rely on sequels, reboots, remakes etc. Now we got a prequel, shocking I know, which seems pretty good, but I'm still scared that the show runners might fuck this up along the road. Now, George R.R. Martin has voiced his opinion on how the show should move forward in adapting his original work.

House of the Dragon 1
Even Jon is a little skeptic here

Game of Thrones has been gone for a while now, but it seems to still cast a shadow over new releases, especially if they are in any form related to it. House of the Dragon might take place in Westeros, but it is very much its own thing. Still, it can't seem to escape the comparison to its older brother. I mean, I freaking did that in the title. But with HotD we also have the chance to redeem the world of Westeros, for future projects, so that's great!

We all know that Game of Thrones would have needed at least two more seasons, to appropriately progress its storyline. But it got rushed, because the screenwriters David Benioff and D. B. Weiss didn't want to do it no more. So what was their idea? Make the whole series crash harder than the Titanic. Smart, now they don't have to do Game of Thrones related projects anymore, because no one would let them even near the franchise.

George R.R. Martin was heavily involved in the first couple of seasons of GoT, which is probably why the pacing of those season was just great! I mean, the guy wrote the story, he knows what plot points are important, and he is a best-selling author, so he knows how to tell a story.

George was also involved in writing the lore for Elden Ring, which allowed for some epic bosses, that are quite hard though:

So his statements, regarding the pacing of House of the Dragon, and how many seasons the adaptation should take, hold a lot of weight. If asshat Benioff and dickward Weiss listened, Game of Thrones might have had a satisfying finale.

George R.R. Martin On House of The Dragon Runtime

House of the Dragon
Here Viserys still look all fine and dandy | © HBO

The reason I brought this up is that George just recently claimed that House of the Dragon would need four seasons to appropriately adapt the story at the current pace. This is kind of crazy if you think about it, as it is based on one freaking book. On the other hand, The Hobbit, got three movies and that's an even shorter story, originally. Well now we have the Rings of Power show, which is kind of a rival show to House of the Dragon, just worse.

George seems pretty happy with the adaptation so far, praising writer, director and actor Paddy Considine, who plays Viserys, for all who didn't know. He also addressed the time jumps that have been bothering viewers, saying the first season will have to move the timeline forward 20 years. They are on the path to do so, with the recent episode jumping 6 years! If you consider, that the conflict featured in the show is supposed to span across generations though, four seasons seem accurate.

Good, that The House of the Dragon has already been renewed for a second season, so we might actually get the whole story.