House of the Dragon: All Characters You Need To Know

We were made aware of the conflict that this series portrays all the way back in Game of Thrones season 5. Now, we get to watch it on screen, and boy is it fun! Here are all the character you need to know.

House of the Dragon
Here we have pretty much the whole cast in one picture, except my favorite madman | © HBO

Not to call the first season of Game of Thrones boring, but it thrives off of the interesting characters and their interactions. That is what people criticize in the later seasons. I mean, why the heck would Varys get caught by Daenerys. And Jon turns into the biggest "she is my queen" simp ever without any more depth to him!

Okay, enough ranting, there were also some cool moments:

House of the Dragon offers a bunch of new, interesting and complex characters. Probably because they can still base it off the book. And here they are.

Viserys Targaryen

House of the Dragon Viserys
Long live the king!! | © HBO

Viserys Targaryen, played by Paddy Considine, is the King of Westeros. Contrary to the character with the same name in Game of Thrones, he loves his family dearly and isn't a total dickhead. He seems to be a kind and benevolent ruler who wishes the best for the kingdom and its people. That is probably why he is struggling so hard to find a good heir.

He is the father of Rhaenyra and older brother of Daemon Targaryen, which puts him in quite the bind sometimes. If you read further, you know why.

Rhaenyra Targaryen

House of the Dragon Rhaenyra
To be fair, I don't think they needed two actresses | © HBO

Rhaenyra is played by two actresses. As a teen, she is played by Milly Alcock, and later, as an adult, by Emma D'Arcy. She is the daughter, and first child, of King Viserys, but as she is not male, her claim to the Iron Throne is in question. Stupid patriarchy!

Daemon Targaryen

Matt smith house of the dragon
Look at Matt Smith, doing Matt Smith things as Daemon Targaryen | © HBO

Here we go, baby! This man is entertainment in the flesh! Matt Smith delivers another great performance with his portrayal of Daemon Targaryen. He is the younger brother of King Viserys and also a possible heir to the Iron Throne.

Daemon is a strong warrior and dragon rider who is well known for his bad temper and impulsiveness.

Otto Hightower

House of the Dragon Otto
Looks like this shows Stannis | © HBO

As the Hand to King Viserys, Otto Hightower is one of the most important political players. He is the father of Alicent Hightower and has already been established as a political opponent to Daemon. He is played by the British actor Rhys Ilfans.

Craghas Crabfeeder

House of the Dragon Episode Crabfeeder
Perfect design for someone called Crabfeeder. Disgusting! | © HBO

The Crabfeeder just recently got revealed as an antagonist in episode 2 of the show. His full name is Craghas Drahar, a Myrish prince-admiral. He has a very particular way to dispose of his foes, that earned him his alias of Crabfeeder. I think you can guess why that is, right?

Alicent Hightower

House of the Dragon Alicent
Why did only the women get two actresses? | © HBO

Here we have the daughter of Otto Hightower, played as a teen by Emily Carey and later by Olivia Cooke as an adult. She is Rhaenyra's closest friend and grew up in the Red Keep of King's Landing.

Things get kinda weird between her and Rhaenyra when her wedding to Viserys gets announced. I understand that, though. Who would be okay with their best friend marrying their father? Yikes! On the other hand, the Targaryen promote incest, so...

Rhaenys Targaryen

House of the Dragon Rhaenys
She looks, like she would be a really petty person| © HBO

Rhaenys, played by Eve Best, is the cousin of King Viserys and wasn't able to sit on the Iron Throne, even though it was her right. She's still kinda salty about that and has the beautiful nickname "the queen that never was".

Her Husband is Corlys Velariyon, and together, they build a strong political power in the world of Westeros.

Lord Corlys Velaryon

House of the Dragon Corlys
Man, I remember the outcry when people thought he was a black Targaryen | © HBO

Corlys Velaryon, played by Steve Toussaint, has a way cooler nickname than his wife. He is called the "Sea Snake", for the simple reason that he probably is the greatest seafarer the Seven Kingdoms have ever known.

People were kinda mad because they thought they put a black Targaryen in only to make the show woke. It just wouldn't really make sense, to be honest. He is not a Targaryen, though. He is from a lineage of seafarers, so him being black makes sense.

He is the head of house Velaryon, a house closely connected to house Targaryen. They are pretty much the Targaryen of the sea.

Queen Aemma Arryn

House of the Dragon Aemma
Not so long live the queen | © HBO

Here we have the wife of King Viserys, Queen Aemma Arryn, played by Sian Brooke. Finally, a house I recognize from Game of Thrones! She really wants to give her husband an heir. So much so, that she would even die for it.

Harrold Westerling

House of the Dragon Harrold
So he is bootleg Sir Barristan? | © HBO

Ser Harrold, played by Graham McTavish, is a member of the Kingsguard, which already speaks for his skills with a sword. He is an avid supporter of princess Rhaenyra.

Criston Cole

Fabien frankel 0
Man, this dude's face will be all over Twitter| © HBO

Here we have the fan service character for every person that likes men. Criston Cole, played by Fabien Frankel for everyone interested in googling it, is a talented swordsman from Dorne, a.k.a. this show's Jaime Lannister.


House of the Dragon Mysaria
She is probably gonna be pretty important | © HBO

Mysaria, played by Sonoya Mizuno, is the most trusted confidante to Daemon Targaryen. She is a former prostitute that managed to climb the ranks though her cunning and ambitious personality.

And there you have it. All the characters, that you should know about in House of the Dragon. Hope you enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed writing it.