PS Users Get Exclusive Content & OP Potion In Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy is not so very far away now, and we're getting more and more details regarding pre-order bonuses and platform-specific content. We've learned that PlayStation users will get an exclusive quest and access to the Felix Felicis potion.

Play Station Exclusive Hogwarts Legacy
This could theoretically be the best potion in the game... but only PlayStation users will get it. | © EarlyGame / Sony / Warner Bros

Hogwarts Legacy is going to be massive, and we cannot wait for it. But we've just heard some distressing news for Xbox and PC players: PlayStation is getting exclusive access to a crazy powerful potion.

If you're an Xbox or PC player, and you're already annoyed by that, then we're sorry to be the bearers of bad news. But if you're on PlayStation: congratulations! And keep reading to find out what you'll get exclusive access to.

What Exclusive Content Is There In Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, only PlayStation will get access to exclusive content, and it will take the form of a quest and a potion, Felix Felicis recipe. Hogwarts Legacy will be released on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC, but only PS4 and PS5 will get any form of exclusive content.

Here's what PlayStation users need to do to unlock both pieces of content:

  • Felix Felicis: To get the Felix Felicis recipe, PlayStation users need to pre-order Hogwarts Legacy.
  • The Exclusive Quest: You don't need to pre-order to get access to the PlayStation exclusive quest, you simply need to buy it for a PS4 or PS5.

So no matter which version you get, and whether you pre-order or not, you'll get at least one piece of exclusive content as a PlayStation user. But don't worry if you aren't on PlayStation because the open-world of Hogwarts Legacy is massive, so there's going to be more than enough content for you.

What Is Felix Felicis?

Felix Felicis is "liquid luck", a potion brewed by Slughorn in The Half-Blood Prince, which gives the drinker fantastically good luck for a day. We don't yet know how it will be used in game, but we expect it to be very powerful (whether you choose to be evil or good in Hogwarts Legacy, Felix Felicis will have its uses). Just check out how JK describes it:

My own invention, my masterpiece; the crowning achievement of my career. Bottled good fortune. Brewed correctly the drinker of this potion will be lucky in all their endeavours ...

So...great news for PlayStation users, and a pity for everyone else.

Although if you are reading this as a jealous Xbox player, here's a little something to pick your spirits up:

What Is The Exclusive Quest?

We don't yet know what the exclusive quest is going to be. Perhaps it'll be a daring delve into the Chamber of Secrets, or maybe it'll be a quest that sees enter the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid, we just don't know. But, we will, of course, update you as soon as we do.

Until then, why not satisfy your longing for Hogwarts Legacy by checking out this impressive new feature fans recently discovered from the trailer?