You Can Play Hogwarts Legacy With Your Friends Soon

A Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer or co-op mode would make perfect sense for the game, so fans have been asking whether it will actually will have any kind of online mode. Here's everything you need to know about playing the Harry Potter RPG together.

Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Online
Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer & online modes: we're answering all your questions. | © Portkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy is here, and although there is some opposition to the game (like the recent "Transphobic" tags that appeared on Steam), most Potter nerds have absolutely loved this game. And you can understand why; Hogwarts Legacy features some of the most beloved locations from the Harry Potter universe, which are filled with a host of magical creatures, mysterious plants, tons of different quests and a whole host of other kind of content. Not to mention all the spells we can learn at Hogwarts!

However, we need to punctuate all this excitement by answering a few of your more practical concerns. On this page you can find all the important information regarding multiplayer in Hogwarts Legacy, including first details on a particularly exciting PC mod.

Hogwarts Legacy Online Multiplayer/Co-Op Mode Availability

No, Hogwarts Legacy doesn't have any form of multiplayer or co-op, neither online nor offline. This information comes directly from the publishers themselves, Portkey Games.

As they say in their FAQ for the game:

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player experience and does not have online or co-op gameplay.

Sorry, dear reader. We know, we know, Hogwarts Legacy would be the perfect game for co-op, especially since there's already a companion system in the game. But it's not to be, unfortunately. Or is it? A new mod has kept our hopes alive.

You Can Play Hogwarts Legacy With Your Friends With An Upcoming Mod

Our tears quickly dried, when we found out that we might be able to play Hogwarts Legacy in multiplayer after all. A group of modders called Together Team, who are responsible for the famous Skyrim Together Reborn mod, have come together again to make a multiplayer mode for Hogwarts Legacy. The so-called "HogWarp" mod is currently being developed, as developer Yamashi explained in a recent interview with PC Gamer:
“We are not going to create any multiplayer specific content ourselves, we want to provide a stable framework so that people can enjoy the vanilla game and maybe extend it themselves later on.”

An early version is currently available for the HogWarp Patreon subscribers ($10 a month). And by signing up, players gain access to the modders' Discord channel.

An open-source and free version of HogWarp is planned to be released at some point, assuming the rights holders do not take legal action against it. However, it is uncertain how the rights holders of Hogwarts Legacy will react to the mod, and it is possible that the game's developer, Avalanche Software, may take on the responsibility of creating the missing multiplayer component.

Will You Need To Have An Internet Connection To Play Hogwarts Legacy?

Despite there being no form of co-op or online gameplay, those who buy a physical copy of the game will need an internet connection to download a day-one patch before playing. Those who buy a digital version of the game will already have the patch installed, although you obviously already have an internet connection if you're buying the game digitally.

The developers confirmed this information in the same FAQ quoted above:

Those who purchase a physical copy of Hogwarts Legacy will be required to connect to the internet to install a Day 1 patch. Those who purchase the game digitally will receive the patch with the initial download.

Don't be too alarmed if you have a poor internet connection; the day-one patch isn't expected to be particularly large.

Multiplayer Content Possibilities

Here are two areas in the game that we think could potentially get multiplayer content one day, Dueling and Quidditch.


Dueling is a common practice in the wizarding world, and for an example of what it looks like, go back and read your copy of The Chamber of Secrets. Harry and Malfoy cast offensive spells at each other from either end of a long platform, and we saw a very similar dueling display in the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay trailer:

Dueling Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer
We think dueling could emerge as a PvP experience via post-launch Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer content. | © Portkey Games

Another example of dueling in Hogwarts Legacy comes from the bonus content included in the Deluxe Edition. Something called the Dark Arts Battle Arena is included in the Deluxe Edition of the game, and although we haven't been told exactly what this is, we're almost 99% certain it's going to be a kind of dueling practice arena available in the Room of Requirements.

But just because dueling is a big part of Hogwarts Legacy, doesn't mean it's guaranteed that we will ever get an online multiplayer version of dueling, we just think it's a strong possibility.


The other obvious example of where we might see future multiplayer content is Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy. Now the devs have said themselves that "Quidditch is not playable in Hogwarts Legacy" on launch. But given that broom traversal is in the game, and that the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch has been confirmed to exist in the game, we could see them bringing out a standalone Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch expansion.

It might not rise to the heights of the OG Quidditch World Cup game, but you have to imagine Warner Bros are keen for developer Avalanche Software to produce something like it. We all know it would sell ridiculously well.

As with dueling though, the fact Quidditch might exist in the world of Hogwarts Legacy doesn't confirm that we will ever get some kind of online version to play against each other. We're merely predicting that it will happen.

It's disappointing news, but if you still want to buy Hogwarts Legacy, then check out our article comparing the different editions of Hogwarts Legacy, and our guide on whether the pre-order bonus content is worth it.

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