Hogwarts Legacy Mounts | These Are The Creatures You Can Ride

We're getting mounts in Hogwarts Legacy, which is fantastic. But exactly which creatures can we ride? A lot more than you might think. You can find all the mounts we've been able to confirm so far below.

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts
Here's every mount in Hogwats Legacy, don't worry, Hippogriffs will be there! | © Portkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy will see players exploring every nook and cranny of the castle, from the Room of Requirements to the girl's bathroom on the second-floor (although, if you can't speak Parseltongue, don't bother). But what some of you might not know is that we'll get to explore the wizarding world outside Hogwarts too. This is truly an open-world game, complete with enemy strongholds and iconic locations. And how are we going to explore it all? Mounts.

Yep, we can now confirm mounts are a feature of the game, and we'll explain how below. Even more excitingly, we can already share with you the list of mounts that can be confirmed from the marketing material. In addition, we've included some potential mounts that might appear in Hogwarts Legacy.

Can You Ride Mounts In Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, mounts have now been confirmed as a feature in Hogwarts Legacy. We aren't just talking about a one-time ride on a Hippogriff as part of a mission either, oh no, we're talking about a full-on mount system. And how do we know this? Because one of the pre-order bonuses is the Dark Arts Pack, which includes a Thestral as a mount:

Thestral Mount
This is from a poster promoting the Collector's Edition, but don't worry, anyone who pre-orders will get the Thestral. | © Hogwarts Legacy via Twitter

For those that might have forgotten what a Thestral is, don't worry, we go into detail on each of the available mounts in Hogwarts Legacy below. But remember this is only available to those who pre-order, so if you think Thestrals look cool, here's a link to pre-order Hogwarts Legacy.

Confirmed Mounts In Hogwarts Legacy

Here you can find all the mounts that we've been able to confirm via trailers, gameplay previews and pre-order posters. These are the mounts that will 100% appear in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts: Broom

We'll start with the basic "mount". We know that most of you will find this boring and will want a magical creature for a mount as soon as possible, but we all need to start somewhere. You can think of your broom as your default, first-level mount.

Yep, this is what the broom "mount" will look like in Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

We don't yet know whether you can upgrade brooms, but we would be surprised if you can't. Of course, the game is set in the late-1800s, so you can forget about your fancy Nimbus 2000s and Firebolts. But, Elliot Smethwyck would have invented the Cushioning Charm by this point, and Oakshaft 79's would be widely available (one of the most popular models of the period).

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts: Thestral

Thestrals are certainly more-impressive than brooms, but they won't be the best mounts in the game. Still, if you want to make your character dark and mysterious than this could be the perfect choice. For those unaware, Thestrals are intrinsically tied to death and the afterlife.

As Hermione explains:

Rubeus Hagrid: "Don' worry, it won' hurt yeh. Righ', now, who can tell me why some o' you can see them an' some can't? Go on then."
Hermione Granger
: "The only people who can see thestrals are people who have seen death."

Or in the case of Hogwarts Legacy, only those who have pre-ordered can see them.

Here's what they're going to look like in Hogwarts Legacy:

Thestral Mounts
The Thestral mount will be available to anyone who pre-orders Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

Pretty damn cool, especially if you're fond of a gothic aesthetic.

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts: Hippogriff

Hippogriffs will be among the "high-end" mounts available in Hogwarts Legacy, capable of break-neck speeds. For those who might have forgotten, this is the creature Harry rides in Prisoner of Azkaban, they're basically one third lion, one third eagle, and one third horse. Although, that particular Hippogriff, Buckbeak, won't yet have been born.

Here's what these mounts will look like in Hogwarts Legacy:

Hippogriff Dragon
Besides this noble Hippogriff mount we can see another creature, but more on that later... | © Portkey Games

Remember you'll need to treat your Hippogriff with respect if you choose this mount. These are fiercely prideful creatures, and they won't accept being treated like an Uber.

Possible Mounts In Hogwarts Legacy

Here you can find a list of possible mounts based on creatures that we've been able to confirm exist in the game. Obviously, you won't find creatures like Cornish Pixies on this list, as we've only included creatures that humans can ride in the lore. Similarly, we haven't included flying cars or motorcycles, because while these "mounts" do exist in the lore, they wouldn't be around during the late-1800s (the time period in which Hogwarts Legacy is set).

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts: Dragons

I'm fairly convinced at this point that dragons will exist as mounts in Hogwarts Legacy, and that's based on the image above (of the Hippogriff). The creature on the left is a dragon, and it looks to me like there's a rider atop the creature, but I didn't feel the image was clear enough to put dragons in the "confirmed" category. But come on. They exist in Hogwarts Legacy, and we know that they can be ridden in the lore (the escape from Gringotts in The Half-Blood Prince).

Maybe this is just wish-fulfillment on my part, but I'd be very surprised if we only get brooms, Thestrals and Hippogriffs. Just imagine how dope they could be in the more advanced combat of Hogwarts of Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts: Acromantula

Okay, okay, I might be pushing it with this one, but I think it's definitely a potential option. Even if not on launch, they might make an Acromantula mount available post-launch as part of Halloween-themed DLC. They exist in the lore, and they're absolutely big enough to be ridden. And according to Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them these creatures were first spotted in 1794, so they would have existed in the late-1800s.

Check out how gnarly they are in Hogwarts Legacy:

Acromantula Moutn Hogwarts Legacy
Would the Acromantula be the most badass mount in Hogwarts Legacy? | © Portkey Games

If it seems ridiculous to you that one of these creatures might be tamed, remember just how fondly Aragog describes Hagrid in The Chamber of Secrets.

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts: Centaur

While Centaur's famously hate being ridden, and think of it as beneath them, they are half-horse, and are ridden by humans a few times in the lore. We've also seen them in Hogwarts Legacy, so it's really not a stretch to imagine they might be mounts in some shape or form.

With Centaur's, I think it's most likely that we'll get to ride them once as part of a mission, but they won't be available as permanent mounts. Because if a Centaur were to serve a student permanently then they could be at risk of being ostracized by their group. Remember how Bane reacted when he saw a Centaur being ridden?

Bane: "You have a human on your back! Have you no shame? Are you a common mule?"

It would also be weird having a mount that could talk.

Centaur Mounts Hogwarts Legacy
Centaur's probably wouldn't be happy to be thought of as mounts in Hogwarts Legacy, but it doesn't mean it won't happen. | © Portkey Games

And that, my dear witches and wizards, were all the confirmed and potential mounts coming in Hogwarts Legacy. We expect these to be a big feature of the game, and something that everyone is looking to unlock, so make sure you pick your mount wisely!

We're all a fan of great books and films becoming great games, but what about the other way around...

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