Combat In Hogwarts Legacy Looks Incredible

After the first trailers of Hogwarts Legacy are out and we've seen some gameplay we can say: the game is looking awesome and will have incredible combat scenes. See them right here.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy
Fights in Hogwarts Legacy are looking awesome! | © Avalanche Softwar

We are waiting for the Hogwarts Legacy release this year between October and December and are really hyped for the game. Not only are the first trailers looking awesome, also the combat scenes were just incredible nice. In case you don't know what's up, just take a look at the beautiful gameplay:

After the first impressions, we were really eager to find out more. Which spells will there be, and how can you combine different movement and spells in combat? It's safe to say right now that we will have a lot of fun with this game – even if we have to play it all by ourselves.

Combat In Hogwarts Legacy May Be A Highlight Of The Game

And in case you don't want to watch that much gameplay to see the best combat scenes, no worries, we got you. Well, or rather Geraltze, who's put together this amazing clip on reddit.

I combined all combat sequences in one video. from HarryPotterGame

There will be various enemies that have their own special weaknesses and approaches to combat. Probably you can't just rush into fights but have to be really careful and use different styles and spells in order to defeat your enemies. The more you progress in the story, the more skills and spell combinations will be possible.

It's also not safe known yet whether we can even use and practice dark magic and forbidden spells. The controversy around Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling may cause developer Avalanche Software to play it safe and not implement it (which would be ooook... but also a missed opportunity).

Anyway, we can't wait for Harry Potter Legacy!