Hogwarts Legacy Locations | Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley & More

As the name suggests, Hogwarts Legacy will mainly take place in Hogwarts Castle. But as the devs have been keen to demonstrate, there are many locations to be explored beyond the walls. Here are all the confirmed locations in Hogwarts Legacy so far.

Hogwarts Legacy Location
Here is every location in Hogwarts Legacy! | © Portkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy will (obviously) feature Hogwarts. But the whole reason we've been given mounts is that there's a world to be explored beyond the castle walls. Surprised? Don't be, this is a truly open-world game, filled to the brim with enemy strongholds and iconic locations. And the overarching plot of the Goblin Rebellion will force us to investigate the wider world.

So what locations have they included in Hogwarts Legacy? In this article we'll go through every single location that we've been able to confirm so far. Let's get started. Grab your Floo Powder, remember to speak clearly, and repeat after me...

Locations In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Castle

If you've been keeping a firm eye on Hogwarts Legacy, then you'll be familiar with our other guides on the Potions, Creatures, Mounts, Plants and Spells in Hogwarts Legacy. We only include items that we've been able to 100% confirm exist in Hogwarts Legacy, and we like to provide visual evidence for you. But in the case of Hogwarts Legacy's depiction of the castle, it's so comprehensive (and loyal to the source material) that it's actually easier for us to just tell you what locations will not feature in the game.

This is the best depiction of Hogwarts we've ever had in a video game, far surpassing even the runner-up, Order of the Phoenix. You name it, they've included it. Some have mentioned the absence of the Chamber of Secrets from any marketing material, but per the lore, the Basilisk would still be in slumber during this period, and the chamber itself would be inaccessible to all but the heir of Slytherin.

For those who still want a clear list of what we've seen, fine:

  • The Great Hall
  • Hogwarts Library (and the Restricted Section)
  • A Potions Classroom
  • A Charms Classroom
  • A Herbology Classroom
  • A Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom
  • A History of Magic Classroom
  • The Fat Lady's Corridor
  • The Gryffindor Common Room
  • The Slytherin Common Room
  • The Hufflepuff Common Room
  • The Ravenclaw Common Room
  • The Hogwarts kitchens
  • The Prefects' Bathroom
  • The Room of Requirement (this is used as your personal "home base" in the game, and where you can manage your upgrades and such)
  • The Courtyard
  • The Owlery
  • The Boathouse
  • The Headmaster's Office

... And as if that wasn't enough, they've also added many new rooms to the castle. Many of these new rooms are only accessible by completing puzzles dotted around Hogwarts.

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Hogwarts Grounds

The Grounds of Hogwarts are less impressive than the castle, mainly because you don't seem to be able to swim in Hogwarts Legacy. Therefore, while there is a Black Lake, we can't dive into it and visit the Merpeople. Another disappointment is the presence of Hagrid's hut. This was purpose built for the half-Giant in the 1940s, when he joined the school as a teacher. It would not have been there in the late 1800s.

They've added a cemetery to the grounds, which is plausible even if it isn't mentioned in the source material. And, of course, they've given us the Forbidden Forest.


The cemetery will probably be significant in the story. Apparently our characters are connected to a powerful ancient bloodline, so I can imagine we might be visiting the graves of ancestors at some point.

We assume this Cemetry has been added to the Hogwarts Grounds and not somewhere else because Nearly Headless Nick is there. | © Portkey Games
Hopefully they've included the graves of some iconic witches and wizards too.

Hagrid's Hut

As mentioned, Hagrid's hut shouldn't be in the game technically, but this is good fan-service. And if they’re going to include Hagrid's hut then they might as well give us some Easter eggs that hint at the future occupant.

Hagrids Hut
Hogwarts Legacy have chosen to include Hagrid's iconic hut. | © Portkey Games

I’m hoping the Care of Magical Creatures professor occupies the hut.

Forbidden Forest

In the gameplay preview we saw a main mission taking place in the Forbidden Forest. But, in a classic nod to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the character was interrupted by Centaurs.

The Forbidden Forest
We'll probably see a lot of individual, smaller locations within the Forbidden Forest. | © Portkey Games

The Forbidden Forest should be massive in Hogwarts Legacy. This needs to be a location that we can truly feel “lost” in.


Hogsmeade is going to be a major location in Hogwarts Legacy, second only to Hogwarts itself. During the late 1800s, Hogsmeade should contain dozens of shops and services. We expect that to be the case, but so far we've only been able to visually confirm the locations below.

Hogsmeade Train Station

The Hogwarts Express was created in the mid-19th Century by Ottaline Gambol. It therefore makes perfect sense for Hogsmeade Train Station to be in the game, although we’re still not sure whether we’ll be able to actually board the Hogwarts Express.

Hogsmeade Station
This is Hogsmeade Station in-game, very cute. | © Portkey Games

Fun fact about the Hogwarts Express, the Ministry of Magic actually hired Muggles to help construct the line.

Ollivander's (Hogsmeade branch)

Yep, Ollivander’s has a Hogsmeade branch, this is from the lore, it’s not just an easy way to have wand upgrades available to the player. We don’t actually know if there will be wand upgrades, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Olivander Hogsmeade
Ollivander's in Hogsmeade should be just as impressive as the flagship store in Diagon Alley. | © Portkey Games

I’m really hoping that choosing your wand is part of character customization.

Tomes and Scrolls (Bookshop)

We haven’t seen how books work in Hogwarts Legacy yet, but I would imagine they’re used to learn new spells. Perhaps they’ve also thrown in some classics like Hogwarts: A History.

Hogsmeade Book Shop
Who needs to sneak into the Restricted Section when you can just buy the books you want? | © Portkey Games

It’s a shame Gilderoy Lockhart’s work won’t be available.

J. Pippin's Potions (Apothecar

We actually saw the character interacting with the shopkeeper here in the gameplay preview. They sell the basic health potion, Wiggenweld, which is incredibly useful.

Hogsmeade Apocathery
At the potion supplies shop in Hogsmeade you can by both ingredients and ready-made potions. | © Portkey Games

Of all the shops I can see this being the one we return to most regularly in Hogwarts Legacy.

Gladrags Wizardwear (Tailors)

With branches in Paris, London and Hogsmeade, Gladrags is about as chic as it gets in the wizarding world. And the shop has quite an extensive collection of clothes to choose from.

Hogsmeade tailors
There are plenty of options to customize our outfit in Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

We still aren’t sure how hard it will be to get money in the game, but however long it takes I hope clothes are reasonably priced.

Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley might not be in Hogwarts Legacy (and if not, then it sadly won't be the only disappointment in the game). Because although we've seen Gringotts Bank (located in Diagon Alley), we haven't seen the street above or any of the other shops. And Diagon Alley is so iconic that we think it would have appeared in the marketing material by now. Still, we do have Gringotts, as we said.

Gringotts Bank

The overarching plot of Hogwarts Legacy is that a Goblin Rebellion has begun, and they’ve been able to access some kind of dark, unknown magic. Given we’re fighting so many Goblins, it makes perfect sense that we’ll be going to the location most famously associated with Goblins.

Grtingotts Bank
We might have Gringotts, but where is the rest of Diagon Alley? | © Portkey Games

Honestly? This is not the most interesting location in the Harry Potter universe. But it has good potential for combat.


Besides all the familiar locations mentioned above, we've also been shown quite a few new areas. The following locations will be populated by enemies or generic NPCs. Or at least, that's how these locations appeared in the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay preview.

Azkaban (Possibility)

The location pictured below might not be Azkaban. The presence of Dementors makes me think it’s from a single mission or cutscene that takes place in the magical prison. But it might be an invented area that just happens to have Dementors in it…somehow?

We can't confirm that this Azkaban, but we think it is because of the Dementors. | © Portkey Games

We haven’t seen anyone cast a Protonus yet in Hogwarts Legacy, but it’s surely going to feature if we’re meant to fight Dementors.

Old Temple

This is an invented area, and that’s fine. If they’re going to give us decent combat magic, then it’s good we’re also getting areas to use it in, even if they aren’t strictly mentioned in the texts. In the Harry Potter universe, this just has to be done, because there aren’t that many imminent threats or dangerous creatures near Hogwarts.

Ancient Forgotten Temples
This is a Portkey Games invention, this isn't a location from the lore. | © Portkey Games

It looks like a cool temple, if that is what it is. I hope there’s also a decent amount of puzzles in these areas.

Beach Location

From what we’ve seen so far of Hogwarts Legacy, this beach location seems to be very important to the ancient magic storyline. In the same way Dumbledore and Harry go off on adventures in The Half-Blood Prince, your character and Professor Fig will visit a ruined building near this beach.

Beach Location
In Hogwarts Legacy, you and your mentor Professor Fig will visit this location together to investigate an ancient ruined church. | © Portkey Games

There’s also going to be a Graphorn on this beach. Make sure you’ve levelled up Care of Magical Creatures enough to tame it!

Underground Goblin Base

The Goblin Rebellion’s HQ was naturally going to be one of the locations in Hogwarts Legacy. Although this is more like a boss area, and we won’t be visiting regularly.

Underground Goblin Bases
This is the main base of the villain in Hogwarts Legacy, Ranrok. | © Portkey Games

It’ll be interesting to discover where exactly this base is located.


It’s an RPG. Of course there are going to be dungeons. Expect low level monsters, the occasional Troll fight and decent loot. As we mentioned previously, If they’re giving us a decent combat system to play around with, it’s fine to invent generic combat locations.

Hogwarts Legacy will be full of generic dungeon locations like this. | © Portkey Games

Inferi galore.

Wizarding Villages

The map of this game is basically Hogwarts and the surrounding area. But the surrounding area is massive. Besides Hogsmeade there will be dozens of smaller villages dotted around.

Wizarding Hamlets
Wizarding villages will be spread across the Hogwarts Legacy world. | © Portkey Games

Each of these settlements will be populated by traders and side-quest-offering locals

Travelling Traders

Not sure why we’ll need generic travelling traders if we have Hogsmeade, but fine. The more the merrier.

Generic Shops
We're glad to see how many travelling traders we'll be able to find in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

I really hope they don’t share the same inventory. It will be much cooler if they have an rng based inventory that refreshes periodically. With the chance of occasionally having crazy, exotic items for sale.

Well folks, there you have it, every location in Hogwarts Legacy. Will they release more areas post-release? That's yet to be seen, but we'll keep an eye out for you. Until then, good luck preparing for the new school year!

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