Hogwarts Legacy Potions | Confirmed Recipes & How To Brew!

Potions are going to be as important in Hogwarts Legacy as they are in the wizarding world. So to help you prepare for the school year, here's a brief explanation of how potion-brewing works, and an overview of all the potions confirmed so far.

Hogwarts Legacy Potion
For all you Half-Blood Princes out there, here are all the potions in Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

Potions are obviously a thing in Hogwarts Legacy. You'll be attending Potions class when you first enroll (don't worry, not with Snape, but with the teacher pictured above), and even outside of those lessons, you'll be able to brew your own concoctions. From what we've learned so far, it sounds like you can lean into this mechanic as much or as little as you like. But if potions are something you'll want to brew for combat, or (more likely) shenanigans around the castle, then keep reading.

In this article we'll go through how potion-brewing works in Hogwarts Legacy, and all the potions that we've been able to confirm so far. There are some very interesting potions in the game, but luckily no sign of Amortentia yet (I say luckily because we all know how questionable the Reddit clips would be if they did put this one in the game).

How Will Potions & Potion-Brewing Work In Hogwarts Legacy

So far all we know officially is that we'll be taking Potions as a subject at Hogwarts, and learning to brewing our own potions. In gameplay videos it looks like we'll have the option to use those potions in combat, but we aren't yet sure how many we'll be able to carry or how expensive they are to brew. However, recently released details about the pre-order content for Hogwarts Legacy has revealed a little more.

The PlayStation pre-order comes with a number of exclusive bonuses, and the way they describe those pre-order bonuses can help us understand potion-brewing in Hogwarts Legacy. To be specific, PlayStation users who pre-order will get access to the "Felix Felicis Recipe". We'll explain that potion later on, but what's important to note is that we're only getting the recipe.

This must mean that recipes are the unlockable part of potion-brewing, and that once you have the recipe, you can presumably make the potion as many times as you want if you have the necessary ingredients. Of course, some potions are going to require very expensive ingredients, but we expect there's going to be quite a few that are readily available and necessary for Legacy's more advanced combat.

Every Potion In Hogwarts Legacy

You can find every confirmed potion in Hogwarts Legacy below. We've either seen these in trailers, or Portkey Games have explicitly mentioned them.

Invisibility Potion

First up, a very difficult potion to brew: the Invisibility Potion. This is going to be absolutely perfect for Syltherin-stealth builds. Here's how it effects the character in-game:

Invisibility Potion
Here we can see the Invisibility Potion in action. | © Portkey Games

And before you start thinking about invisibility cloaks, they sadly won't appear in Hogwarts Legacy. For anyone less au fait with Harry Potter, the invisibility cloak in the books is a one-of-a-kind, legendary item. It's not something we can expect your average student at Hogwarts to ever acquire.

Wiggenweld Potion

Ah, this takes me back. This is the old Wiggenweld Potion, which featured in the OG Harry Potter games from the early 2000s. The Wiggenweld potion is basically the generic health potion of the Harry Potter universe. Hence, it's green:

The Wiggenweld was obviously going to make into the list of Hogwarts Legacy potions. | © Portkey

You should expect to brew this potion literally hundreds of times. Especially if you want to clear all the enemy strongholds in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you're a total HP-nerd, we welcome you with open arms. Why not check out the other deep-dives into Hogwarts Legacy while you're here:

Felix Felicis

And last but not least, the final potion we can confirm so far is Felix Felicis. Sadly this is a PlayStation exclusive, but it surely can't be as powerful as it is in the lore, otherwise that would really suck. Felix Felicis is liquid luck, it will give the drinker incredible good fortune for a day. Here's proof of it existing in the game:

Felix Felicis
This is taken directly from the Hogwarts Legacy website's official pre-order page. | © Portkey Games

If Felix Felicis sounds awesome to you (and you're on PlayStation) then pre-order for the recipe. Here's a link to buy Hogwart's Legacy.

And sadly, those were all the potions we know about so far. We know it's only a short list, but we're searching for new Hogwarts Legacy info like Nifflers looking for gold, so don't worry, we'll keep this list updated whenever we discover more!

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