Hogwarts Legacy Spells | Including Unforgivable Curses!

In Hogwarts Legacy players can learn a huge number of spells, including the Unforgivable Curses. Here is every spell in the game, ordered by type.

Spells in Hogwarts Legacys
Here's every spell in Hogwarts Legacy, and don't worry, you can do a lot more than just Expelliarmus! | © Portkey Games

Whether you gravitate more towards Charms or Transfiguration, there are tons of spells to learn in Hogwarts Legacy. Hell, even those who plan to specialize in History of Magic or Runes will get access to all these spells (and you'll need to learn quite a few of them if you want to pass your O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts). Oh, and before any Slytherin students ask, yes — the Crucio Curse has been confirmed.

But all these spells can get overwhelming, and so to help you keep track, we've put them all together in one place and arranged them by type. Think of this page as your very own spellbook, and our Hogwarts Legacy hub as a kind of digital Flourish and Blotts. You can find every spell in Hogwarts Legacy below. We've also included a short description for you, in case you've forgotten the difference between Stupefy and Petrificus Totalus...

Spells In Hogwarts Legacy

Control Spells

Control spells can contribute to a fight without directly inflicting damage, perhaps by putting an enemy temporarily out of the fight, or making it harder for them to cast. Think of these spells like you would a control deck in MTG, or the Bardic spell list from DnD. Although unlike those games, Hogwarts Legacy is single-player only at launch.

Disarming Charm

  • Incantation: “Expelliarmus”
  • Effect: Disarms an opponent.

Dangling Jinx

  • Incantation: “Levicorpus”
  • Effect: Suspends people in their air by their legs.

Freezing Spell

  • Incantation: "Glacius"
  • Effect: Freezes a target.

Fully Body-Bind Curse

  • Incantation: "Petrificus Totalus"
  • Effect: Paralyses a target (poor Neville).

We're hoping we get some conjuration and transfiguration by launch, but so far we haven't seen any from the trailers.

Illusion Spells

Illusion spells are used to either distract others or hide yourself. These aren't directly useful in combat, but will serve a purpose when you're trying to bust into the restriction section of the library for higher-level potion recipes.

Disillusionment Charm

  • Incantation: Silent Casting
  • Effect: Camouflages a target to look like the surrounding environment.

Will we get the cloak of invisibility in Hogwarts Legacy? We can only hope.

Defensive Spells

Defensive spells do just that, they will help you defend yourself against enemies in combat.

Shield Charm

  • Incantation: “Protego”
  • Effect: Reflects spells and blocks physical forces.

Healing magic might also be coming to the game, but we haven't seen it yet.

Offensive Spells

This is where the fun begins; these are spells you'll be using in combat to take down monsters (or, if you're a natural Slytherin, other students). And the combat looks so awesome in Hogwarts Legacy.

Knockback Jinx

  • Incantation: “Flipendo”
  • Effect: Pushes a target back.

Stunning Spell

  • Incantation: “Stupefy”
  • Effect: Knocks a target out.

Severing Charm

  • Incantation: “Diffindo”
  • Effect: Slices the target.

Oppugno Jinx

  • Incantation: “Oppugno”
  • Effect: Causes objects and conjured animals to attack a target.

Unforgivable Curses

In addition to the standard offensive spells listed above, we will also get access to an illegal set of offensive spells, the infamous Unforgivable Curses. But you'll only be using these if you're doing an evil playthrough, obviously.

Killing Curse

  • Incantation: “Avada Kedavra”
  • Effect: Kills a target.

Cruciatus Curse

  • Incantation: “Crucio”
  • Effect: Inflicts pain on a target.

We haven’t yet seen the Imperius Curse, but if we’re getting the Cruciatus Curse and the Killing Curse, we assume we'll be getting all three of the Unforgivable Curses.

Utility Spells

These spells are entirely separate from combat. You'll be using these to solve puzzles and such around Hogwarts, and to pass your exams.

Summoning Charm

  • Incantation: “Accio + [Item]"
  • Effect: Summons an object.

Wand-Lighting Charm

  • Incantation: “Lumos”
  • Effect: Lights up the tip of a wand.

Fire-Making Spell

  • Incantation: “Incendio”
  • Effect: Creates flames.

Mending Charm

  • Incantation: “Reparo”
  • Effect: Fixes broken objects, like a pair of glasses.


  • Incantation: “Descendo”
  • Effect: Makes objects fall down.

Levitation Charm

  • Incantation: “Levioso”
  • Effect: Makes objects levitate.

We expect Utility Spells will make up the vast majority of the spells you first learn when you join Hogwarts.

If you want to cast some of these spells yourself come February 10 (the official release date), you can pre-order a copy of Hogwarts Legacy here. And if you do pre-order you'll get 72-hour early access.

Can You Cast A Patronus?

Perhaps the most iconic spell in Harry Potter is the Patronus Charm, which allows users to conjure spirit guardians that protect against dark creatures like Dementors and Lethifolds. The famous "Expecto Patronum" incantation has to be coupled with immensely positive thoughts and memories from the caster, which makes the spell notoriously difficult. But can we cast this spell in Hogwarts Legacy?

Expecto patronum in Hiogwarts Legacy
We can also see "Legilimens" on the chalk board, which makes no sense in a 5th year Charms class... | © Portkey Games

You would expect that we can, simply because the spell is so iconic, but we haven't seen proof of someone casting this yet from the marketing material. The closest I could find, after scanning the various trailers and gameplay videos, was a single still in the recent State of Play video (pictured above), which shows the letters "Expecto Patronum" written on the chalkboard in the Charms classroom. This can be seen at 2:29, but remember this is in a Charm's classroom and not Defense Against the Dark Arts, so we can't be sure you'll actually get to learn to cast the spell.

We'll keep you updated as soon as we can confirm the existence or absence of the Patronus Charm.

We're all fans of great books and films becoming great games, but what about the other way around?

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