Hogwarts Legacy: Creatures & Monsters | From Nifflers To Dragons!

Hogwarts Legacy will be populated with hundreds of creatures and monsters. Here's a list of all the magical beasts we've been able to confirm so far.

Creatures & Monsters In Hogwarts Legacy
Here are all the creatures in Hogwarts Legacy, from the ridiculous to the downright terrifying. | © Portkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy is full to the brim with playful creatures and terrible monsters, as every open-world game should be (and it truly is an open-world game, complete with enemy strongholds and iconic locations). But we won't just be meeting these magical beasts in our Care of Magical Creatures lessons, oh no, we'll be fighting a great many of them as we explore the dangerous world beyond the castle's walls. So let's take a look at what you'll be coming up against. Here is every confirmed creature and monster in Hogwarts Legacy.

Note: We've only included creatures that we can confirm with visual proof from Hogwarts Legacy, either from trailers or gameplay previews.

Creatures In Hogwarts Legacy

These are the magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy that are "peaceful". They are in the game to be trained, mounted, or simply adored.


Centaurs appear to feature in one of the main story missions in the State of Play trailer. And this makes sense because we know a colony exists in the Forbidden Forest. But we don’t think you will regularly interact with them, as Centaurs typically avoid human contact.

Centaur Hogwarts Legacy
Centaurs will also feature heavily in a number of Hogwarts Legacy missions. | © Portkey Games

Although shy, Centaurs are aligned with the forces of good, so they might become allies in some form.


House-elves were first brought to Hogwarts centuries ago by Helga Hufflepuff. She wanted to offer them good work, which was free from abuse.

The Elves are ever hard at work beneath the dining hall. | © Portkey Games

They don’t seem to be particularly significant in Hogwarts Legacy, but no true representation of the castle would be complete without them.


As with House-Elves, Ghosts will be there to breathe life into the castle. They may offer us a side-quest here or there, but nothing major.

John Cleese sadly won't be playing the part of Nearly Headless Nick in Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

Maybe we can impress Nearly Headless Nick enough to get an invite to one of his Death Day celebrations.

Golden Snidget

Golden Snidgets are golden birds, about the size of hummingbirds. We expect that you might need to help protect them from poachers in Hogwarts Legacy.

Golden Birds
The Hufflepuff companion in Hogwarts Legacy, Poppy Sweeting, is seen admiring these creatures in the State of Play trailer. | © Portkey Games

Fun fact: in the Medieval period, Quidditch was played using a live Golden Snidget instead of the Golden Snitch. The Golden Snitch was created at a later date as a more humane alternative.

Unlike The Monster Book of Monsters, this compendium won't bite, so feel free to bookmark us and return, or check out one of our other "deep-dives":


Obviously, Hippogriffs made it into Hogwarts Legacy; they’re visually iconic in the Harry Potter universe.

Hippogriffs Hogwarts
Hippogriffs will be end-game mounts in Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

We can confirm that Hippogriffs will be available as mounts in Hogwarts Legacy. If only Buckbeak were alive.


The devs have explicitly mentioned poachers, and how some creatures are in danger from these types of criminals. Mooncalfs, likes Golden Snidgets, are definitely going to be in the “at-risk” category here.

Mooncalfs are some of the more ridiculous looking creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

If Hogwarts Legacy is going to be lore accurate then we should only see these things come out of their burrows during a full-moon.


Remember these guys? They look like Platypus and behave like Magpies. They search for anything shiny and keep it in their front pouch.

Nifflers are adorable, so we're happy to see they've made it into the game... but they better not steal our gold! | © Portkey Games

We’re almost certainly going to be dealing with these mischievous little things in Care for Magical Creatures.


Poltergeists are basically naughty ghosts, and the one in Hogwarts Legacy is Peeves, of course. He was always pulling pranks around Hogwarts, and we think you can expect the same again behavior in Hogwarts Legacy.

Peeves Hogwarts Legacy
Peeves appears bright and colourful in Hogwarts Legacy, which is correct, but if we're strictly following the books his hat should also be covered in bells. | © Portkey Games

Some might not realize how old Peeves is. He’s actually much older than any of the Ghosts we meet in Hogwarts. As it’s described in the books, he “came with the castle”.


Thestrals pull the carts at Hogwarts, but they’re only visible to those who have seen someone die. Despite this strange connection to death, they aren’t evil... just creepy.

Dathly beasts, but they're friendly. | © Portkey Games

Thestrals are only available as mounts to those who pre-order, so if you think they look cool, here's a link to buy Hogwarts Legacy.

Confirmed Monsters In Hogwarts Legacy

Here are the magical beasts that can and will try to hurt you. The enemies.

Some sources are claiming that Bogarts are in the game, and while that's fairly believable, we haven’t been able to find any reference to them in the marketing material. If you have seen evidence of Bogarts in the game then please let us know in the comments, and we’ll update the article accordingly.


Acromantula are giant spiders, but the family of them who live in the Forbidden Forest during Harry Potter’s schooldays would not have been occupying that area in the late-1800s. Hagrid accidentally created the colony while he was at school, and he only begins attending Hogwarts in 1939.

These are going to be great enemies to fight. | © Portkey Games

These creatures are native to Borneo, and as we said, Hagrid hadn’t released Aragog by this time. So their inclusion in the game isn’t strictly lore-compliant, but it’s not impossible.


The fact we have Dementors in Hogwarts Legacy was to be expected, but also somewhat surprising in a way. Because Dementors don’t roam around the world freely, during this time period they would be found exclusively in Azkaban.

Azkaban confirmed? | © Portkey Games

Does this confirm that Azkaban is in the game? Perhaps, but the devs might simply be putting Dementors in other locations and choosing to deviate from the lore here. Either way, it confirms what we heard about Hogwarts Legacy being a much darker Harry Potter game than usual.


What fantasy game can exist without dragons? And Hogwarts Legacy is no exception. In fact, we’ve seen even more Dragons in the game so far than we would expect.
Dragons will be more significant in Hogwarts Legacy than they have been in any other Harry Potter game to date. | © Portkey Games

There’s nothing distinct about Dragons from the Harry Potter universe compared to other fantasy depictions. They’re still awesome though.

Dugbogs (Corrupted)

We weren’t sure whether to include this entry because it might be an invented creature, but it looks like these are some kind of corrupted Dugbogs. Although rarely described in the lore, Dugbogs do appear in the Goblet of Fire game, and they look very similar to these creatures.

Dugbogs are our best guess, but we could be wrong here. | © Portkey Games

If these are indeed Dugbogs then expect them to attack you on site. They typically live in wetlands and marshes.


Goblins will make up a huge proportion of the enemies you fight. The overarching plot of Hogwarts Legacy is that a Goblin rebellion is underway, and you need to somehow help resolve it.

This is Ranrok, the leader of the Goblin Rebellion, and every bit the villain of the piece! | © Portkey Games

Goblin rebellions are absolutely a thing in the wizarding world, but their portrayal has been condemned by some as problematic. Perhaps Portkey could have chosen a safer enemy? As we said though, this is representative of the established lore.


We see Graphorns both fighting with students and being tamed by them, so these seem to exist in more of a gray area than the other creatures. In the lore they’re clearly dangerous and hostile, but it’s nice that the game is showing them as more complex.

Graphorns seem to be surprisingly common creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

Graphorns can resist most spells so watch it if you plan to attack one!


An Inferius is a dead body reanimated by a Dark Wizard’s curse. Zombies. And we expect to fight a ton of them while exploring the more dangerous areas in Hogwarts Legacy.

These hideous creatures are going to provide the bulk of the cannon-fodder when clearing dungeons. | © Portkey Games

They’re vulnerable to fire so make sure you’ve got Incendio equipped!


Trolls are a fairly common enemy for Witches and Wizards to face. We see multiple across the different Harry Potter books, and we think we’ll fight quite a few in Hogwarts Legacy too.

Trolls Hogwarts Legacy
Trolls will feature as low and mid-level bosses in Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

Although they might look scary, remember that Harry and Ron dealt with one when they were only 11-years-old.

Can You Have Pets In Hogwarts Legacy?

We've just gone through dozens of magical beasts, but what about ordinary pets? We know that cats, rats, and owls are common in the lore, but will they be our companions in Hogwarts Legacy? Sadly, we don't think pets will be in Hogwarts Legacy, because the studio haven't spoken about pets or featured them in any of the marketing material or gameplay videos released so far. This is the kind of feature we would have expected to hear about by now if it was in the game. Of course, we could be wrong, but we think pets are unlikely at this point.

However, for those of you feeling absolutely crestfallen about this news, maybe we can soften the blow by letting you know about mounts. We have a whole guide on the available mounts here, but in short: there are plenty of creatures that we can establish bonds with and ride in Hogwarts Legacy. So even if you were hoping for a pocket-sized friend, this should at least be something to look forward to.

Those are all the creatures and monsters we know about so far. We'll update this guide as soon as we discover anymore, or if we hear anything new on the pet question. Until then, good luck preparing for the new school year!

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