Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation-Exclusive Content | Every Bonus Explained

PlayStation-users will get exclusive content in the new Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy. You can find a complete overview of all the bonus content coming to PS4 and PS5 below.

Hogwarts Legacy Playstation Content
What kind of exclusive content do you get if you buy Hogwarts Legacy on PS4 or PS5? | © Portkey Games

We want to start but putting your mind at ease if you've come here as an Xbox, PC, or Switch-user. Of course, It always feels unfair to see one platform getting more content when everyone's paying the same amount for the game, but there's some good news for Harry Potter fans on those non-PlayStation platforms.

Firstly, when Hogwarts Legacy is released it will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, with PS4, Xbox One, and Switch release dates to follow. So this game is not an exclusive title. And secondly, the bonus content that PlayStation users get isn't hugely significant. There's a potion recipe and an exclusive mission, but nothing so amazing that it has to be made available to everyone. Let's take a look at the exclusive content.

What Exclusive Content PlayStation Gets In Hogwarts Legacy

If you buy Hogwarts Legacy on PS4 or PS5 then you get the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest, and if you pre-order the game on PS4 or PS5 then you also get access to the Felix Felicis potion recipe. There's actually quite a bit of pre-order bonus content, but only PlayStation-users get the Felix Felicis recipe. If you're interested, you can check out this article on all the pre-order bonus content.

Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest

The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest will see us dungeon-crawling beneath a shop owned by the mysterious Madam Mason. The shop is haunted by various scary monsters (and there are hundreds of creatures in Hogwarts Legacy), and we basically need to get rid of them of all. Here's the trailer for this quest:

It isn't linked to the main story in any way, and is just a standalone quest. Looks quite fun, though.

Felix Felicis Potion Recipe

By pre-ordering Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation you will get the recipe for Felix Felicis. Just to be clear, you will get the recipe, but you will still need to find the ingredients and brew the potion to actually get Felix Felicis. However, the potion won't be as powerful as it is in the books. In Hogwarts Legacy, taking Felix Felicis will allow you to see valuable items through walls or objects for a short period of time. It's going to be useful for exploring the maze-like world of Hogwarts, but it has no use in combat.

Don't be afraid that you'll miss out on sick mounts if you don't have a PS4 or PS5:

Is It Worth Buying Hogwarts Legacy On PlayStation Instead Of Other Platforms?

If you have a PS5, then we would say absolutely, but if you're on PS4 then you will need to wait longer for the old-gen release, and we would say the wait isn't worth the content if you could be playing in February on a PC or an Xbox Series X/S. The quest looks unremarkable compared to all the other amazing things we've seen, which are available to all players. And while more story content is obviously a pretty big benefit in a single-player game, this quest isn't going to be integral to the main storyline in any way.

If you meet the Hogwarts Legacy PC system requirements, you might even consider playing the game there anyway for the opportunity to mod the game (which was well-worth doing for the recent release of Stray).

But ultimately, this isn't a competitive game, or even a visually ground-breaking one, and your enjoyment will largely come from fulfilling all Harry Potter nerds' fantasy of going to Hogwarts as a student, so we don't feel that the platform you play on will be very significant.

No matter which console you buy Hogwarts Legacy for, we can all enjoy how expansive the game will be:

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