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Some of the students you meet in Hogwarts Legacy can become your "companions". These students each have their own backstory and personality, and they can help you out like co-op allies in the main story missions. Here are all the companions that we know about so far.

Hogwarts Legacy Companion
Who will you choose as your Hogwarts Legacy companion? | © Portkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy is slowly approaching release, and as we get closer and closer, we're learning more about this promising game. We've already gone on several deep-dives, from the potions and the plants to the locations of Hogwarts Legacy, but there's an even more important feature of this game that Portkey Games has been keen to showcase: the companions.

Companions work like bodyguards in other games. These NPCs can become your "best friends" at Hogwarts, and they can help you during the main story, as well as offering quests of their own. Here is every companion in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as a brief explanation of how this mechanic works.

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Hogwarts Legacy Companions Explained

There are some students in Hogwarts Legacy who you can become companions with. Once one of these students has become your companion, they will be able to help you during missions. Like your very own Ron Weasley. Although, unlike Ron, these characters have stories of their own.

We're still waiting for a response from Portkey Games to confirm this, but at the moment we believe you can only have one companion. You'll need to pick which one you want, and they all come with different fighting styles. Poppy Sweeting might use magical creatures to help her, whereas Natsai Onai is more likely to rely on spells, for instance.

The different companions can be met around the castle, and the process of becoming friendly with them looks fairly simple. Once we have found and become companions with every one, we will update this page with exact instructions.

Every Companion In Hogwarts Legacy

You can find every companion in Hogwarts Legacy below. And before you ask: you can choose a companion from a different house to you. Phew.

Gryffindor Companion: Natsai Onai

  • Specialty: Charms (which is where we will first meet her in the game)
  • Official description:
Wise, quick-witted, and possessed of a need to seek justice, Natsai grew up in Matabeleland, Africa where she attended Uagadou — the largest wizarding school in the world. She transferred to Hogwarts when her mother became the school's Divination professor and is adapting to her new life in Scotland.

We're really hoping that Natsai explains what magical school was like in Africa. In the lore they apparently study wandless magic, and this would be quite a cool tradition to learn more about.

Natsai Onai
Natsai Onai is the Gryffindor companion. | © Porkey Games

Hufflepuff Companion: Poppy Sweeting

  • Specialty: Care of Magical Creatures
  • Official description:
Poppy is a bright and compassionate girl with extensive knowledge of and a deep love for creatures. In fact, she believes creatures have gar more redeeming qualities than most people, and has a particular aversion to poachers and those who work with them.

How ridiculously Hufflepuff, even the name is a bit of a joke. We expect Poppy to be very unpopular, sadly. The missions against poachers just don't sound as compelling as the darker storylines offered by the other companions.

Poppy Sweeting
Poppy Sweeting is the Hufflepuff companion. | © Porkey Games

Slytherin Companion: Sebastian Sallow

  • Specialty: Dark Arts (we actually see him perform the Cruciatus Curse in one of the trailers)
  • Official description:
Sebastian is a charming and extroverted boy whose twin sister, Anne, suffers from a mysterious, debilitating curse. Sebastian is convinced that her last hope for a cure lies in the Dark Arts — and he is determined to find it.

They've taken a fairly predictable route with this Slytherin character. Sebastian will lead you down a very bad path, but he's doing it for a good reason, so we can still relate to him.

Sebastian Sallow
Sebastian Sallow is the Slytherin companion. | © Porkey Games

And there you have it, all the companions in Hogwarts Legacy. We know what you're thinking: where the hell is the Ravenclaw companion? Sadly, we won't be getting one. At least, we won't be getting a Ravenclaw companion on launch, but maybe one will come as post-launch content.

What do you think about companions? Are you excited about this system? Or, would you rather work alone? Just you and your mount against the world.

We all love great films becoming great games, but what about the other way around?

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