House of the Dragon Already Renewed For Season 2

House of the Dragon had an insanely successful launch, so the fact that it got renewed for Season 2 already shouldn't surprise anyone. Still, isn't it way too early?

House of the dragon season 2
Another great season! | © HBO

House of the Dragon had its long-awaited debut on August 21st and reeled in the positive feedback that the last season of Game of Thrones wish it got (I'm still angry, by the way).

It wasn't just positive feedback that the show received, though. The numbers are speaking for themselves. They managed to have over 2.6 million households watch the first episode within the first six minutes of launch, making it even more successful than Stranger Things season 4.

As of right now, only the first episode has been released. The numbers that we're seeing have given HBO the confidence to announce that House of the Dragon will get a second season.

Imagine getting renewed for a second season after just one episode... Netflix shows are crying right now.

I understand where they're coming from, though. House of the Dragon has an insanely talented cast and characters that are already beloved by many, even after just one episode. After how horrible Game of Thrones ended, fans of the books or the series in general were hoping for something to still their hunger for more. House of the Dragon did that and more... and they did it well.

So, let's hope the show will continue being this good and let's hope what's next for Game of Thrones won't be as bad as the last season... because yes, Game of Thrones will continue.