Game of Thrones Will Continue... Unfortunately

Game of Thrones will continue. No, I'm not making this up. I'm as upset as you are over this, trust me.

Game of thrones 2
I really don't like where this is going. | © HBO

Hey, here's an idea. Let's take the series that has been cursed by fans because of the worst ending in history and make another part in hopes of getting the fans back! Because that's obviously a great idea!

I'd like to think this is what has been said in the writing room when HBO decided to revive Game of Thrones.

Now, before I start, let me say that nothing has actually been confirmed by HBO. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, so if this ends up not being true, blame them – after you stop celebrating that it's not true, of course.

Also, you might have noticed that I'm incredibly bitter about this topic. I spend years watching this show and was disappointed to the bone by the last season. What they did to Jaime after he finally had his redemption arc, what they did to Brienne after she finally found her happiness, what they did to Bran and his – in the end – unnecessary story and of course, what they did to Jon... that one, they might actually regret. Because the next part of Game of Thrones will allegedly be about him.

Will Game of Thrones Get Season 9?

Not sure if they will call it that, but according to reports, Game of Thrones will indeed get another season that's all about Jon Snow and will begin right after the last episode of Season 8 ended.

Given how Season 8 ended, it would make a lot of sense if other characters returned to the show. However, right now, nothing else is known other than Jon Snow's involvement.

Like I said, this was reported by The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, so unless we get a confirmation from HBO, we're taking this with grains of salt.

I'm so conflicted about all of this. On one hand, I hate it so much because of what happened in Season 8 and I don't want to return as a viewer and give in. On the other hand, I want to see what happens to my once favorite characters. Like I said, Brienne, as an example, deserved so much better and if she returned, I would love to see what becomes of her.

Jon Snow can suck my nonexistent balls, though. Screw him. Give me a Brienne of Tarth spin-off.