Elden Ring Devs Working on Mecha Game

The rumors about FromSoftware working on an Armored Core game are true: A new job listing confirms that the Elden Ring devs are releasing a mecha game.

FromSoftware Armored Core game
I want one. | © Eric Tan, Artstation

I really don't know how many articles I started with 'thank god for job listings', so I'm just gonna do it a little different this time: Job listings are awesome. Seriously. A major part of the fun of games is the announcements and the anticipation. Especially when a major developer announces their latest project, and when that developer is FromSoftware... well... job listings are awesome, because that's how we know that we might be getting a mech-game from FromSoftware. More specifically, the Elden Ring masterminds seems to have their sights set on an Armorder Core game.

FromSoftware Working on Armored Core Game

So, let's start with the source: The job description looking for a character designer:

You will be in charge of a wide range of designs related to characters and mecha.

In fact, the word 'mecha' is mentioned a bunch throughout the job listing, so we can definitely confirm that FromSoftware is dipping its toe into the mecha-pool. In case you weren't aware, FromSoftware previously worked on the Armored Core franchise, but that was way back in 1997.

Considering how much FromSoftware's games have changed since then, we can expect this upcoming game to be entirely different to what we're used to from them. I mean... can you imagine an Armored Core game with the souls-like combat FromSoftware is known for? Ginat mechas duking it out Elden Ring style? Music to my ears... and I'm not even a mecha fan. Give me either this or Bloodborne 2, and I'm a happy customer.

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