Is a New Bloodborne Game Coming Soon?

A new rumour about a potential Bloodborne remake or sequel is causing uproar on the internet again, after a famous reporter claimed that we might see something new soon.

Bloodborne remaster remake bluepoint
A new rumour has us excited for Bloodborne news coming soon. | © Sony

Another month on the internet, another Bloodborne rumour. I know, I know, it's tiring. But it just never fails to be interesting, does it? We're all clamouring for something new on Bloodborne, whether it's a sequel or a remake of the original. And according to a trustful source, we might be getting something soon...

Insider Says We Will Hear About Bloodborne Soon

If you follow gaming culture on the internet, you probably know Colin Moriarty. He used to be part of Kinda Funny and then created his own organization with Last Stand Media. On a special episode of his podcast Sacred Symbols, Colin and his friends rated the Top 25 PlayStation 4 games, and of course Bloodborne came up because it's a masterpiece. When they talked about the game, Colin had to say this about a potential sequel or remake of Bloodborne:

You haven't seen the last of Bloodborne, I'll tell ya that.

This of course caused an uproar in the audience, because it is an obvious hint to something related to Bloodborne being in the works. Colin has in the past said that Bluepoint are working on a remake of the game, so this is not the first time he's commenting on the subject.

He clearly seems to know something about a new Bloodborne game, whether it would be something completely new or an amazing remake. Let's hope we won't have to wait on it too much longer.

[Update, June 04]

We got another negative bit of info regarding a PC version of Bloodborne from Colin Moriarty. He came out to talk about the much anticipated re-release again. This time however, he is less sure than before...

In the latest episode of his podcast Sacred Symbols, Moriarty talked about Bloodborne again:

With Bluepoint, I was…I’ve been talking to someone reliable who was like, ‘No, man, Bluepoint…isn’t making that…anything to do with Demon’s Souls or Bloodborne or anything like, the Souls games at all.’ And I was like, really? So now I’m double guessing—I’m second-guessing…if that game’s coming. I think it is [coming], you know, like a Bloodborne remaster and all of that…what I heard is that it is. So I don’t know anymore about that, I’m totally confused, I might be wrong about that.

So yeah, even of the most prominent cheerleaders for a new version of Bloodborne is pulling back a little bit. Of course, this is nothing concrete and he does say, that he believes in a Bloodborne remaster. But the signs are not great right now.

However, if we hear anything new or actually finally get a new version of Bloodborne, we will let you know first.