Legendary Game Is Getting Netflix Anime-Adaption

Netflix is turning one of gaming's greatest into an anime: Onimusha is getting its very own anime adaption.

Onimusha Netflix anime
Netflix anime is getting better and better. | © Zheng Sun, Artstation

Oh man... Onimusha was it back in the day. Those games were Dark Souls long before Dark Souls. I gotta be honest with you though, I don't know where the series went after the Onimusha game that featured Jean Reno - which, I think, was part 3? But the first couple of Onimusha games, as well as Onimusha Tactics... god damn. If you're not familiar, then just think Nioh on the PlayStation 2. That's exactly what Onimusha was, whie telling fantastical stories set in Feudal Japan. Well... now all of that is coming to Netflix.

Onimusha Anime Coming to Netflix

I'm a sucker for Feudal Japan anime. Put a katana in the main character's hand and I'm sold. So, my bias is bviously not entirely helpful here, but considering that, ever since Ghost of Tsushima, there are more Feudal Japan games than ever, I don't seem to be alone in my tastes. Plus, with how amazing Cyberpunk Edgerunners is, Netflix has the go-ahead on any and all game adaptions in my book.

From the stills that were released, I can already tell that I'm loving the animation style, but it's this next piece of information that really got me going: The anime is developed by Takashi Miike and Shinya Sugai, who were also responsible for the Dragon's Dogma anime.

Story-wise, the anime will follow Miyamoto Musashi, only this one is less historically accurate: He wields an Oni Gauntlet with which he aims to take down evil. If the games are any indication, we're in for a great and dark story, so stay tuned. We don't have a release date yet, but Netflix likes to release rather soon after announcing, so it shouldn't be too long.