Full The Last of Us Trailer Finally Released

We finally got a trailer for HBO's The Last of Us, and it looks incredible. Watch the whole thing here.

The Last of Us Trailer
It's a fashion thing... | © HBO

We knew it was coming, and yet here we are: Excited about the fact the HBO finally released its first official trailer for The Last of Us - in time for The Last of Us Day (yes, that's a thing in case you didn't know). The trailer is entirely wordless, but still... getting to see the Clickers and the post-apocalytpic United States we're used to from the games is quite something.

The Last of Us Trailer Finally Released

I mean... that looks amazing, right? I know I'm not alone in saying: I. Can't. Wait.

Of course, the timing for this couldn't be better: The Last of Us just had its remake released, and everybody's loving it - old and new fans alike. With a bunch of new fans flocking to the franchise, all eyes will be on the HBO show when it releases in 2023.

Plus, with House of Dragon being as succesful as it is, HBO is riding a high anyway, with many considering it the best steaming service available. If Pedro Pascal is to be believed, then The Last of Us will only strengthen that standing. But... the day reckoning is almost upon us, and - Game of Thrones Season 8 aside - HBO never seems to crack under pressure, meaning we might get another diamond with this one.

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