Ludwig Beat His Addiction

Ludwig has revealed that he overcame a pretty serious gambling addiction, and warned players to avoid the new Twitch meta.

Ludwig addiction
Ludwig beat his gambling addiction. | © Ludwig / Creative Commons / EarlyGame

In the wake of revelations from xQc that he is addicted to gambling, Ludwig have no spoken out against the Twitch Gambling Meta, and has revealed his own struggle with gambling addiction. Letting his audience know about his struggles, Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren has called for Twitch to ban gambling streamers.

It's an understandable statement, especially considering Ludwig's history with addiction and the purely unethical nature of promoting gambling with streamed content. In the end, it's important for streamers like Ludwig to take a stand against such things, and this particular streamer's story is a testament to that.

Ludwig might be a millionaire, but his money also funds the employment of all the people who work for him. He explained how this fact influenced his decision to stop gambling, and claimed that he didn't want to lose his staff's "children's college funds" by gambling it all away.

Ludwig Reveals His Struggle With Gambling Addiction

Speaking on the issue of gambling on Twitch, Ludwig spoke out about his struggle with gambling addiction and explained that "it got so bad". Admitting to it being a very low point in his life, Ludwig pointed out the incredibly addictive nature of gambling.

Honestly there was no greater rush in my life than the opportunity to lose every last penny I had.

Ludwig told the story of his addiction, telling us that five years ago he was deep in the trenches of gambling, losing many hundreds of dollars and ending up completely financially broke because of the problem.

Five years ago, it got so bad... I had one hundred dollars left in my bank account. You know what I did with that hundred? I gambled it.

It's clear that Ludwig is very angry at Twitch and at Twitch streamers who choose to promote such content to their audiences, saying that there should be "no sponsored gambling streams". He believes that, if Twitch implemented this very simple rule "that would stop everything".

The ten-minute long video, viewable above, ended with Ludwig's callout to Twitch.

I have a new rule, a simple guideline that would solve gambling online and gambling on Twitch. No sponsored gambling streams. It’s a simple rule. Do not allow sponsored gambling streams... Twitch, if you’re watching this, maybe consider it. No sponsored gambling streams. That would stop everything. We don’t have to look at streamers as the beacons of morality when a platform can deal with all of that.

He is completely right. Streamers should never be looked at as beacons of morality - honestly, you just need to look at Amouranth to have that point proven - and streaming platforms have a responsibility to their users and viewers. If Twitch stopped gambling streams, many lives would be helped. Get to it, guys...