xQc Has Lost Millions, Says He's "Addicted"

xQc has spoken out about his addiction problems on a podcast with Pokimane, revealing that he has lost millions.

In their long-awaited podcast debut, Pokimane and xQc have talked about more than video games and relationship drama. Instead, xQc found himself talking about his gambling, admitting that he is addicted and has lost millions of dollars.

The podcast has been shrouded in controversy, after xQc missed the taping of their first episode a couple of weeks ago. Pokimane has, in the interim period, admitted that she was considering replacing him on the new podcast, as she wants to work with someone who is at least a little more reliable.

[UPDATE: May 5, 2022]

xQc's Dad is Really Worried!

After xQc revealed his gambling problems on Pokimane's podcast, his dad gave him a call mid-stream. A little confused, xQc picked up the phone and asked his dad "What's up?" after establishing that he was on-stream at that moment. His dad's response was nothing short of heart-warming.

You’re my little boy! Are you okay? On a scale of one to a hundred, how are you feeling? Do I have to worry? Because your gambling losses made me worry!

It was clear that his father was concerned about the popular streamer's gambling habits and the fact that he has lost millions. He even said that he was considering jumping on a plane and coming to Los Angeles. xQc reassured him that things were alright, and the interaction ended with him urging his father to not read news written about him.

[Original Article: May 2, 2022]

The first episode of Pokimane and xQc's podcast did deliver on plenty of great moments (if you are a fan of the duo), but also gave Pokimane more than what she'd wished for. They chatted for four hours in total, covering a variety of topics, but things got a little bit heavier when they started talking about the gambling meta that has been dominating Twitch streams as of late.

xQc's Gambling Addiction is Getting Out of Hand

During xQc's podcast with Pokimane, he revealed that he has lost $1.85 Million USD in April 2022 alone, and has admitted to having an addiction. Speaking on the subject, xQc also talked about how gambling on-stream was probably a bad idea, saying that it is "negatively impacting" his viewers.

I lost 1.85 mil last month... When you stream yourself gambling, you’re negatively impacting your viewers.

xQc admitted, though, that he had a problem both on and off-stream, and that he understands the negative implications of gambling streams and sponsors. That being said, he doesn't seem particularly remorseful about the topic.

When it comes to taking gambling sponsorships that’s literally just your viewer’s money... It’s a bad thing, I’m not against it... I think you shouldn’t be drinking excessively, and you shouldn’t be taking alcohol sponsors on stream, I think it’s bad. I still do it.

Pokimane went on to ask xQc whether he still engages in gambling sponsorships. In response, the popular streamer clarified that he doesn't take sponsorships for gambling. He did, however, give us his opinion on why he thinks that gambling content attracts viewers: "I think people enjoy to watch money being de-printed".