Ludwig & Pokimane Have Beef

Ludwig caught Pokimane doing something rather unsavory and now the two of them are engaging in some all-out beef.
Ludwig and Pokimane Are Beefing
Oh jeez, what did Pokimane do? | © Ludwig via Twitch / Pokimane via Twitch / Mojang

Can you smell it? The sweet, delicious odor in the air? Yes, folks, you're smelling right: it's beef. It's heating up on those streets, the feared Twitch streets, because two legends of the webosphere have gone at it. Pokimane and Ludwig have gone at each other on and as expected... it's quite the spectacle. Let's check it out, aight?

Ludwig Goes Viral With Hilarious Response To Pokimane Tweet

Here's what went down between the two legends of the game. Pokimane posted a seemingly innocuous question on Twitter, which was clearly a nasty dig at Lud, as his friends call him. Shots fired, bam! The beef has officially started, no way back from here:

The Ludster took this personally of course and responded aptly. He saw Pokimane's Tweet on stream and seeing the grave offense, the nasty challenge by Mrs. Pokimane, he couldn't resist but respond.

This is beef, after all, you gotta have a comeback ready. You gotta be quick and smart and biting. You need a clap-back. And his was incredible:

Man... that is funny. Have to admit it. The Ludmeister hit back at Pokimane with that thang, you know what I mean? The pazzaz, the shine. The sparkle. THIS is beef, this is how it's supposed to be. It's hilarious, and we can't wait to see how it will continue.

Will the two continue to hit each other with these wise cracks? With these pokes, with these scathing attacks? We will see. The real answer: probably not. This is just a semi-funny bit about poo. Is there real beef? Who knows. I don't know Ludwig and Pokimane. But I do hope they will keep tweeting each other, because hey... don't we all love a bit of celeb drama? Of course, we do...