Twitch Is Apparently Not Paying Some Of Their Creators

Twitch has been accused of taking money from creators, by removing them from their ad program and halting their payments.

No money for you | © Fishnothing via Twitch,

Brazilian streamer Fishnothing has reached out to Twitch, as he has not been paid by the platform for over 4 months. This is not the first time something like this has happened, as former Fortnite pro Chap, also made similar claims. has been under fire because of their predatory ad incentives, biased treatment and more, but simply halting payments to content creators has got to be by far the most outrageous sh*t that's come up.

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The problem came up due to an investigation on Fishnothing's account, but when he asked them about it, they refused to reply to him.

So far, Twitch is owing him $4,400, which is quite a lot of money. Which is probably why Fishnothing even released a video, demanding answers.

As mentioned previously, Fishnothing is not the only one suffering from this, as even people like the former Fortnite pro Chap are affected.

Former Fortnite Pro Accuses Twitch of Taking Money From Him

In the case of Chap, he too has been tagged for "fraudulent activity" resulting in Twitch removing him from their ad program. This happened while he was making a lot of money through Twitch drops, which might be related to the investigation.

Twitch refused to give any clear explanation for why they simply cut the streamer from the ad program and took a large portion of his pending balance.

Chap released a statement regarding this and has been very public with his anger.

This is absolutely ridiculous to do to anyone, especially someone who has streamed on your website for 4 years with ZERO issues, bans, or ANYTHING. The only thing I am able to do is to make the assumption that Twitch is claiming that I view botted my channel during drops to make more money off of ads

He even goes into detail on how difficult it is to communicate an appeal to Twitch, when you don't even know the reason for the investigation.

At least Pokimane will know what she got banned for:

Even after being welcomed back to the ad program, Chap wasn't informed of the reason he was investigated for in the first place.

This treatment of their creators by Twitch is just the worst, and they really can't complain if more content creators start moving to alternatives like YouTube.

Just imagine not getting paid for 4 months and with no explanation at all! Job security, my a**.