Ludwig Decides To Host His Own Smash Tournament Following Nintendo Meltdown

Ludwig Ahgren decides he will host his own tournament, after Nintendo decided to shut down its biggest esports event of the year in the Smash World Tour Championship (SWT), without any warning.

Thumbnail Ludwig Smash
Ludwig ready to go all in! | © Ludwig via YouTube, Nintendo

Ludwig Ahgren became one of the biggest streamers across multiple platform through hosting cool events. He is a well known Super Smash Bros. fan and already hosted his own tournament, called Ludwig Smash Invitational.

Now he seems dead set on hosting another tournament to replace the Smash World Tour Championship (SWT), ready to lose a LOT of money.

Ludwig Announces The Scuffed World Tour

On December 2, Ludwig announced that he will be hosting his very own SWT tournament on December 18.

Plot twist, it won't be called the Smash World Tour, but instead Scuffed World Tour. It will apparently still feature the 8 highest placing competitors of the original world tour, though.

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The plan is, to raise money for Video Game Boot Camp (VGBC) and just put the Smash Scene back on track, now that Nintendo failed their fan base.

Looks like Ludwig is ready to lose thousands of Dollars, but will be supported by fellow content creators, like Jacksepticeye.