Influencer On Steroids: Liver King Lied About His Natural Animal Organ Diet

Popular fitness influencer Liver King admits to using steroids, despite promoting himself as all natural.

Liver King
He disgraced the name of eating liver | © Liver King via Instagram

Liver King built his brand on his holistic lifestyle, ancestral tenants, and eating raw meat. Turns out, he failed to include the most important secret to his success. A metric f*ck ton of steroids.

Dude tried to look like a Marvel hero, but chose to be Bane from DC:

Leaked E-Mails Show, Liver King Paid About $12K A Month For Steroids

On November 29, e-mails leaked showing that the jacked, testicle-eating Instagram star is juiced up to the max with the good stuff. Looking at him, I'm actually surprised that people are surprised.

Liver King was talking big about his 'Primal' lifestyle, being the reason for his crazy physique, but he has been called out for probably not being natty, before.

Joe Rogan addressed it during his podcast:

He’s got an a– filled with steroids is what he got. That’s not a natural body. That guy is shooting all kinds of sh-t into his system to achieve that kind of physique

Well now we know.

Fitness YouTuber MorePlatesMoreDates Exposes Liver King

The person that caught on to Liver King's steroid cycle was the YouTuber MorePlatesMoreDates, who obtained e-mails the 'Primal' sent to a bodybuilding coach. In his e-mails, he is asking for advice to enhance his steroid cycle and admits to taking over USD$11.5k in HGH supplements a month,

Now that his steroid use has been made public knowledge, the nutty, but not natty, Influencer uploaded an apology video expressing his regret.

Liver King Admits To Steroid Use In Apology Video

He starts the video off, by apologizing and was not trying to make any excuses during the video.

Liver King didn't really address, why he chose to hide his steroid use in the first place, but it seems likely he did so to give his "primal lifestyle's" effectiveness more credibility.

Once he started hiding his juice use, he says: "I continually dismissed it and dug myself into a bigger and deeper hole". Makes sense when you already started the lie.

Going forward, the popular influencer wants to "take extreme ownership" and talk about his steroid use and other topics more openly.

We will have to wait and see, if his secrets destroyed the trust in his brand, or if he will be able to recover from this.