Live On Twitch: Streamer Faints After Completing Hardcore Achievement

During his broadcast, streamer GingerBeardie fainted live on stream after completing a hardcore achievement in the popular MMO Runescape.

Thumbnail Streamer Faints
He's fiiiiiiineee! | © GigerBeardie

On November 25, Twitch streamer GingerBeardie shocked his viewers, when he suddenly collapsed after completing a difficult solo-achievement in the popular MMORPG Runescape.

I guess streamers really push themselves with all these hardcore challenges:

Streamer Beats Incredibly Tough "Inferno" Mini-Game

During his broadcast, GingerBeardie was trying to beat the "Inferno" mini-game. In order to do that, he had to survive 69 waves of enemies, that get harder and harder. After all of this, you have to fight a boss called TzKal-Zuk.

If you die, you have to start all over again. But if you win, you are rewarded with an achievement and the best melee cape in the game, the "Infernal Cape".

Problem is, getting this achievement is insanely difficult and as of August 2022, only 47K people managed to complete it.

It took Beardie 15 to 20 tries to get it, and this dude plays Oldschool Runescape for a living.

GingerBeardie Faints On Stream

After almost 8h of streaming, GingerBeardie finally manages to beat Tzkal-Zuk and complete the "Inferno" mini-game.

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He celebrated this by screaming at his screen for a solid 10 seconds, before losing consciousness and bonking his head on the table.

It seems like this achievement really took its toll on the streamer, as his screaming included a LOT of "f*cking" and ended with "never coming baaaack!".

This dude was really down for the count, as he was out for a solid 10 seconds, before raising his head again. Bro shouldn't get into YouTube Boxing.

The things you can do on stream:

His buddy in the voice call was joking around, saying sh*t like "I think you're broken" and laughing, but this dude should really check his blood pressure!

Right after he lost consciousness, Gingerbeardie continued his stream, and he seems to be doing fine, but he seriously should consider taking it a little easy, because fainting after gaming too hard isn't something I ever heard of.

Maybe play one of these games and just relax: