Co-Host Beats The Sh*t Out Of Fake Pimp On The No Jumper Podcast

During an episode of the No Jumper podcast, co-host Suspect decided to deliver an absolute beat down on the guest, fake pimp Kelpy the P.

Hosts of the No Jumper Podcast are no stranger to drama, but this time things got way out of hand, when a fight broke out between co-host Suspect and guest Kelpy, leaving one of them with a busted lip and multiple bruises.

Yesterday's episode started off like usual, just a couple dudes, sitting in a room talking about what can and can't be considered legit as a pimp. Until things got a little out of hand

Discussion Escalates During No Jumper Podcast

Seems like Suspect didn't really buy into Kelpy's pimp outfit, calling it a "costume" and even going so far as comparing it to "blackfacing". His argument was, pretty much, that Kelpy is a fake, dressing how he expects pimps to look.

Kelpy markets himself as a pimp that manages girls legally through their OnlyFans content, and he simply wouldn't stand for being called a "fake pimp".

The argument got more and more heated until it completely escalated and Suspect started beating the ever living sh*t out of the guest.

The reason for this temper tantrum was, and I am not kidding you, Kelpy calling Suspect a "b*tch".

This prompted a flurry of blows that left the fake pimp with what looks like a badly busted up lip.

Afterwards, Kelpy still kept calling him a b*tch, though.

The whole situation escalated so quickly and was just all around so comically unnecessary, that it kinda looked like a publicity stunt.

If this was all simply a publicity stunt, though, then what a world we live in. I suppose Keeping Up With The Kardashians isn't, in fact, the lowest of lows.