Sneako Removed By YouTube After Appearance On Andrew Tate Podcast

Sneako receives the Tate treatment and gets absolutely annihilated by YouTube.

Sneako banned after appearing on Andrew Tate Podcast
Look at them pals, being banned together | © Twitter/Sneako

Sneako is, or I guess it is more accurate to say was, an American YouTuber, mostly known for his commentary and motivational videos.

He got absolutely terminated after appearing on Andrew Tate's podcast. Seems like interacting with Andrew Tate crashes your career faster than the iceberg did the Titanic.

Yesterday, YouTube decided to remove both of Sneako's channels, due to repeated violations of Community Guidelines, as he himself posted on his Instagram, but has since removed.

I don't know why you would post proof, that pretty much tells everyone you're a piece a sh*t, but hey that's the Influencer lifestyle, I guess.

I guess Andrew Tate just spreads Social Media ruin wherever he goes now. But Sneako did well on his own, spreading misogyny, vaccine misinformation and so on. Seems like YouTube won't tolerate that sh*t no longer!

As of now, it seems that, following his absolute annihilation by YouTube, Sneako will make his appearance on Twitch. If he continues with his bad takes, though, he is gonna follow in Andrew Tate's mighty footsteps sooner than he may think.

His Reaction to all of this:

It's a bit of a disappointment

Yes, Niko Sneako it is. He's been doing content on YouTube ever since he was 13 years old, so I get that. But I mean it is kinda stupid to now repeat the same mistakes, they kicked his ass off of YouTube for:

So I said I'm not going anywhere, the real people who wanna find me will find me. They don't want you to be smarter, they want you to be weaker, they want you to be dumber, they wanna take complete control over you, so any information like this, they're actively trying to

He doesn't appear to be a quick learner, already spreading his conspiracy theories, so I guess he will not be streaming on Twitch for a long time.

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