Amazon's Rings of Power: First Impressions, Release Schedule & More

Amazon's LotR: Rings of Power is finally out, and we can make up our own minds on whether it's good or bad. If you plan on watching it, here is the release schedule and some first impressisons.

Rings of Power Split
She looks a little like a Targaryen. The right one, btw. | © Amazon Prime

[Update 02.09.2022]

So finally people were able to watch the first two episodes of the new Amazon LotR series, the Rings of Power. We follow Galadriel's (Morfydd Clark) journey as she searches for the last remnants of the Dark Lord Morgoth and his apprentice Sauron. Jup, Sauron is just an apprentice here. Makes you wonder how bad Morgoth was.

On her journey, she encounters the mysterious Halbrand (Charlie Vickers), which whom she travels. There is also a plotline, where a random dude (Daniel Weyman) falls out of the sky and gets found by two Hobbits. This summarizes what happens in the first two episodes to the extreme. This begs the question, who is the stranger? What will be his impact in the show?

But to answer the biggest question, viewers had, the show actually looks pretty good! That's it though. The show looks good, but is kinda boring so far. I'm still gonna stay vigilant, though, as shows can get great, or turn to sh*t within one episode.


The Rings of Power is finally out, and I can't wait to have a look at it myself. Now that we know the show won't be woke, we can immerse ourselves in the classic world of Middle Earth that Tolkien created.

You probably already know the plot, but here is a little rundown. We will get to witness the origin of the Rings of Power and the dark lord Sauron himself. Makes sense because it is pretty much the title of the show. We will also see the downfall of the Numenor and the end of the alliance between Men and Elves. So it is pretty much the intro to the first Lord of the Rings movie.

This show should also cover the creation of the Nazgûl, which is a plot line I am really looking forward to. I hope they don't mess it up.

Looking at the first reviews, the show looks pretty promising so far:

The first two episodes will premiere on Thursday, September 1st/Friday, September 2nd 2022, on Amazon Prime. Here are the exact times:

Pacific Time (PT)6 PM (September 1st)
Central Time (CT)8 PM (September 1st)
Eastern Time (ET)9 PM (September 1st)
British Time (BST)2 AM (September 2st)
Indian Time (IST)6:30 AM (September 2st)
Australian Time (AEST)11 AM (September 2st)

The combined runtime of the first two episodes will approximately be around 3 hours, which is about 90 minutes per episode. Seems like the showrunner wants to continue Peter Jackson's trend of making the Lord of the Rings entries freakishly long. Fine by me, as long as it's good!

Prime Video confirmed, that there will be 8 episodes in total, with a weekly release schedule, and releases every Friday at 12 AM ET. Here is the complete schedule, if you don't want to do the math.

Episodes 1 & 2
September 1st/2nd
Episode 3
September 9th
Episode 4
September 16th
Episode 5
September 23rd
Episode 6
September 30th
Episode 7
October 7th
Episode 8
October 14th

Let's hope we can look forward to a great time, all the way until the middle of October. Otherwise, I know a colleague that would be very sad! Don't crush his dreams, Amazon.