Founder & CEO Of G2 Esports Forced To Resign Over Andrew Tate Video

The founder and CEO of G2 uploaded a video of himself partying with Andrew Tate last week. This has had huge consequences for the org, who have now asked Ocelote to step down entirely from his position.

G2 destroyed by Andrew Tate
Has Andrew Tate single-handedly destroyed the G2 brand? | © Carlos "ocelote" via Twitter / Wikipedia

Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago is a former League of Legends player who used his winnings to form the esports organization G2 in 2013. The org saw great success and expanded into many esports besides League of Legends, including Valorant, Counter Strike, and Rainbow Six Siege. And even more recently G2 began picking up a couple of all-female teams, for both LoL and Valorant. Which makes this story even more bizarre.

Ocelote has always been known as having what we might favorably describe as a "roguish energy". He's happy to say the controversial. But even so, as the CEO of an organization that's recently done so much for women in esports, he must have known he was going to get into deeper water than he could handle partying with Andrew Tate. Maybe he thought the video wouldn't get much attention, or people would overlook it as "just a bit of fun", but no. After being forced to take leave earlier in the week, he's now stepped down entirely from his position as CEO.

G2-CEO Forced To Resign

A few days ago a video emerged showing Ocelote partying with Andrew Tate in a VIP section of a club, the public were outraged and Riot denied G2 a franchising spot in Valorant because of it. At first, Ocelote was merely asked to take unpaid leave, but a video posted to Ocelote's Twitter a few hours ago has confirmed that he will be leaving the organization entirely.

In the original video we can see a fairly small gathering of people holding champagne bottles, and opposite Ocelote you can see Andrew Tate lighting a cigar (classic). It was an important and intimate event, and so Ocelote must be quite friendly with Andrew Tate, but either way, it's still shocking that he thought he would get away with this. It's not even like he was being spied on, he uploaded the video himself. So there you have it folks, the founder of G2 has finally left, let's hope Hustler's University are hiring!

Do you think he should have stepped down for this? Or would you have liked to see him continue? Let us know down below.

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