Logan Paul is Jealous... According to Andrew Tate

It wasn't even a few days ago where we thought the world was ending because Logan Paul was making sense and spouting facts, but now Andrew Tate has to chime in and he sounds like a pre-schooler.

Tate paul clash
This is starting to take me back to fourth grade... | © Andrew tate/Logan Paul

It wasn't too long ago that Logan Paul called out Andrew Tate on his podcast, stating a man like Andrew Tate should not have a platform to spout his bullsh*t. Crazy how for once Logan Paul makes sense, right?

Well, it seems that Andrew Tate has seen the podcast, or at least clips from it, and hasn't taken too kindly to being called out for his misogynist takes and spreading of hate towards women and homosexuals.

Andrew Tate Hits Back at Logan Paul

In a recent episode of Emergency Meeting, Andrew Tate had to bring up the comments of Logan Paul. The reasoning behind Logan Paul's statements? Not common sense or anything, but no, according to Tate, Paul is jealous. Yes, this is what the man said himself and let's just say this is starting to remind me of my fourth grade arguments...

The primary reason is that he’s extremely jealous of our monumental success [...] The second reason is that he’s jealous of our brotherhood.

Tate went on to say that he finds it extremely weird that Logan is friends with KSI, when he's going back-and-forth with his brother Jake Paul. Tate thinks that Logan is merely chasing clout, but let's be real, Logan Paul has enough clout he doesn't really need to chase anymore, right?

Does that even make sense? He’s just a weird dude. He’s just clout chasing [...] He doesn’t actually mean it. Logan is a man who says things because he thinks he’s supposed to say them… which makes him a coward.

So, will Logan retaliate or is he going to leave Andrew alone and ignore him? He was the one to say that someone like Tate shouldn't be getting any platform to spout his hateful comments, stating that the stuff he says will have a dangerous ripple effect in the future.

We're going to have to wait to find out whether Logan takes the bait that Andrew Tate threw him or whether he's going to ignore it and move on with his life... honestly, the latter option would probably be better even if we can expect more Tate comments in the future probably... Isn't he banned off social media, so why do we still have to deal with him?

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