CS:GO World Champion's Ex-Wife Allegedly Leaks Drug-Snorting Video

Counter Strike pro Boombl4, recently released from Natus Vincere to avoid “reputational” damage, has allegedly appeared in a leaked clip snorting mephedrone. His ex-wife shared the video just hours ago via Telegram.

If you're a Counter Strike fan or not, this is a juicy story. Obviously, we do hope that the pro involved, Boombl4, is safe and well, and we hope that the video in question is somehow a fake. But...well...what else do you snort that isn't drugs? Anyway, enough time-wasting, let's get into the salacious details.

Boombl4's Wife Exposes Alleged Drug Use

As reported by game-news24, Counter Strike pro-Boobml4's ex-wife took to Telegram after their divorce and began leaking indecent images of Boombl4 and videos of his drug-use:

LiQueen posted this morning several messages from her Telegram account. First stated that she and Boombl4, the former in-game leader for the team Natus Vinceres, has divorced. She then said that Boombl4 was addicted to mephedrone [...and] allegedly leaked an intimate photo and a video of him.

In the since deleted messages, Boombl4's ex-wife claimed that this wasn't a one-time-thing, and that he was actually addicted to mephedrone. Which is a drug that's described as being a mix between cocaine and ecstasy, and was (for a short time) legal in much of Europe.

Natus Vincere, Boombl4's esports org, had recently released the pro to prevent reputational damage in a separate incident. It was alleged that he supports Russia in the war in Ukraine. But it's unclear as yet if this represents a permanent termination of his contract or just a short-term break. As we said, we really do hope this can all be resolved and Boombl4 can continue playing for the org, but we aren't exactly optimistic.

How Has Boombl4 Responded?

Boombl4 took to Twitter to defend himself almost immediately after the video was leaked:

What do you think? Will he win the case against her if he does file a claim? It certainly seems malicious on her part to have released this stuff after a messy break-up. But only those two know the intimate details.

We'll keep you updated as this story develops. It's certainly a fascinating case, and quite rare in the world of esports. Who knows? Maybe the plot thickens? Could we have another Depp vs. Heard scenario on our hands?