Is Pokimane Doing Coke In This Clip?

Is Pokimane a drug abuser? A clip of her allegedly doing cocaine is sparking rumors, but is there truth to it? We explore.
Pokimane cocaine
The eyes on the frog hat though... those are coke eyes... just saying... | © Pokimane via IG

The last couple of weeks haven't been easy for Pokimane. First, she got hate-raided, then Ninja sued her for harassment, and now she was seen snorting cocaine... apparently. Yup, let me repeat that, rather than just sneaking it in there casually: Pokimane was seen snorting cocaine, or something that looks a lot like it and the video has gone viral, with other online-celebs claiming that she is, in fact, a "drug abuser".

Does Pokimane Do Cocaine?

Welllll.... you watch this video and let me know:

Now... who would actually snort coke on stream? Either an absolute fkn maniac, someone blasted out of his mind, or the absolute goat of streaming. It could be argued that Pokimane is either, but right now, the internet wants to be convinced that Pokimane is blasted and a drug addict. Because anyone seen doing coke once must have an addiction (to be fair, though, if you actually do snort coke on stream... that's harsh). Of course, Pokimane refutes any such claims, one of which is that OTV paid/is paying for her rehab. I don't really care one way or another, whether Pokimane dabbles in the white powder, but she does have a solid argument:

Why the F would she need somebody to pay for her rehab? She'd pay for it herself. Also, she says that if she'd ever been in rehab, the world would know, so all claims are BS. Then again... she did take a lengthy break from streaming, so... hmmm....

Either way, Pokimane stands by the fact that she's never done drugs and never even touched a cigarette, and if you really, really care whether Pokimane has flaws or not, then here's the video of her reacting and ridiculing people that claim she does drugs:

And... kids: Drugs suck. Trust me. Not even worth it. Stay away. Also, lay off the damn sugar and drink some damn water while gaming, for f*ck's sake.