Pokimane Harassed Ninja. And He's Suing. Yup.

Pokimane went after Ninja. To be exact, she harassed him - at least according to his upcoming lawsuit.

Pokimane Ninja
She did what?! | © Pokimane

When you clicked this headline, you were thinking of something sexual. You don't even need to admit it - I know it. You were thinking 'oh sh*t, it's a #metoo thing, except reversed'. You were coming here for all the juice, and wondering if Pokimane came for Ninja's. Well, well, well, folks... time to unwrap this mystery of a lawsuit between the who's who of streaming:

Ninja Sues Pokimane: Massive Lawsuit

So what happened here? How are we starting off 2022 with Ninja suing Pokimane for a good chunk of her insane amount of money? Well, let me take you on a little tale back to January 12: JiDion had Pokimane's channel hate-raided. Stupid. As a result, Pokimane ended her 12-hour Valorant stream, and Twitch permabanned JiDion.

But this is just the intro folks, it gets better from here.

On January 17, Pokimane discussed the incident and used self-edited clips of Ninja, in which he is heard saying that he texted Twitch to help JiDion not get permabanned, as in "what's in my power to stop this from happening", as in: It could be interpreted as Ninja supporting the hate raid.

Now, as you can imagine, this blew up, and it wasn't long before Ninja denied the accusations of texting Twitch and deleted the video in which he was heard saying he texted Twitch. Yeah, basically, Ninja was caught with his pants down, and did the Shaggy: Wasn't Me. Also, we're not gonna link to the video because, we don't wanna get copyright-struck either.

One person, however, did save the clips and that Pokimane, who stands by the fact that Ninja was trying to help JiDion: Pokimane.

Now, note that Poki swears on her dead grandpa, which is known to be the biggest form of swearing, and also holds up her phone to show proof, which she then later went on to tweet:

Yes, from then on out, Ninja really brought in his lawyer and says they are “considering everything defamation of character at this point”. Ninja went on to state that he is taking this "very seriously", and neither Ninja, JiDion, nor Pokimane have commented on the matter since... well, that's not exactly true, here's one last tweet from him doing the whole standard-apology thing... if that's still worth anything these days:

Will Ninja be able to prove his innocence, despite the damning evidence? Will Pokimane be banned? Permabanned? Go to jail? Will JiDion return to Twitch or stay on YouTube with Ludwig and co? We don't know, but we sure are also slightly disappointment at the little amount of sexual tension in this harassment situation.