Are You Pokimane’s Type?

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Poki will never date a streamer!

Pokimane reveals she is into regular dudes and would never date a streamer. That’s right, Pokimane reveals what kind of man she would consider dating. Sorry gamer boys, you're not on the list! What did Pokimane say about the type of man she would date?

In an interview with fellow Streamer Mizkif, Pokimane reveals what kind of man she likes, and while the streamer plays games for a living, she apparently would not date a hardcore gamer herself. This comes at a strange timing as apparently xQc thinks Poki is hot! But, too bad for the French Canadian because Pokimane doesn't date gamers or big streamers!

Pokimane responded to the question, “Do you think you could ever date a streamer? That’s a big streamer?” which was asked by Mizkif on call between the two steamers on Mizkif’s stream.

Are You Pokimane's Ideal Man?

Poki was taken off guard a bit by the question but managed to piece together a relatively cohesive answer to Mizkif’s original question:

What I’m trying to say is I’ve found that a lot of people that stream a ton don’t have a ton of social experience because they’ve spent so much of their lives playing games. Which can be okay, but if you’re still spending all of your time just streaming, it’s a little bit tough.

In the process of answering the question, Pokimane also revealed that she would want to date someone with a high EQ and a high IQ. Both referring to a person’s intelligence both emotionally and intellectually, so I guess you need to be the total package.

Pokimane adds that this prospective man would need to have a lot of “social experience.” Meaning, if you sit inside playing games or watching streams all day, chances are your IRL experiences are seriously lacking. Unfortunately, you don't stand a chance of ever dating Pokimane.

It's okay because let me tell you, IRL has good graphics but boring and repetitive gameplay, so you're not missing much. Hopefully, that makes you feel a little bit better, as most of us here are gamers and now realize our dreams of dating Pokimane have crashed and burned like the Hot Tub Meta.

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