Kai Cenat Bashes His Moderators For Extorting Money From His Viewers

During his recent broadcast, Kai Cenat called out his moderators, addressing some problematic behavior and threatening to rework his staff.

Kai Cenat bashing Twitch mods
Kai is not amused | © Kai Cenat via Twitch

On November 23, Kai Cenat did a broadcast recapping his stream featuring Blueface and Chrisean Rock. Afterwards, he read out a message from a viewer, stating that one of Kai's Moderators banned him for no reason, demanding money for an unban.

Kai is one of the biggest streamers on the platform and absolutely exploded in popularity this year with more than 3 million followers.

He regularly has crazy guest appearances like Drake, 21 Savage etc. and is just all around a fun, entertaining guy who always has a bright smile on his face.

When he addressed his moderators extorting money from his viewers, though, he was not smiling at all.

Kai Threatens To Cut Ties With Current Moderators

During his recent broadcast, Kai brought up an issue with his moderators. He read out a message by one of his viewers stating:

Hey Kai, I was recently banned in your chat for no reason, and I requested an appeal and your mod responded to this, 'CashApp $3 to CashTag (name) and add your Twitch username for an unban

He got pretty mad about the situation saying he doesn't "give a f*ck if it's a joke", making it pretty clear, that he won't tolerate behavior like this.

In this clip, we can hear Kai threatening to completely wipe his moderation staff out. Regarding the moderator in question, Kai did take away his moderator status later that same stream.

This might count as a final warning for the other moderators, but could also be the start of Kai completely reworking his moderation stuff in the near future.

Earlier this month, Kai and xQc came out, stating that they are not paying their moderators. Kai's argument was that they volunteered to do so, but this might have been a reason for them to extort money from his viewers.

This month has been wild so far, but Pokimane's nip-slip, takes the cake: