Frenemies Get Swatted During Podcast

The Frenemies podcast was interrupted by the police. (Credit: H3 Podcast via YouTube)

Frenemies is a podcast run by Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein (h3h3). They often talk about controversial topics, such as the David Dobrik scandals. Some viewers don't like that at all and regularly send the police over to their place. Figures.

Swatting is a big problem in the USA. The term means that streamers get a visit from the police because an anonymous tip claims that someone at this address is in danger. The police then often arrive with a SWAT team and guns drawn, which can be quite dangerous or at the very least stressful.

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This situation seems to be part of everyday life for Ethan Klein from h3h3 and the Frenemies podcast. He's been swatted so many times that police no longer bother to come to his house, preferring to call first.

Frenemies Swatted Live During a Podcast

Trisha and Ethan have just recorded a new episode of their podcast where Ethan gets a call from the police. Ethan reacts totally relaxed when he is told on the phone that a SWAT team has been requested to his address. This happens to him so often that he is now on a police list of people that are called before sending anyone over.

In this case Ethan picking up the phone wasn't enough as police officers arrive at his door after all. Someone wasn't paying attention. Ethan walks to the door, relaxed, and takes a slice of pizza for the road... Just an absurd situation.

Why Are Streamers Being Swatted?

Unfortunately, Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas are not an isolated case. Streamers are swatted again and again, sometimes resulting in life-threatening situations. The callers know exactly how to ruin the day of streamers they don't like.

In a way, the whole thing is also a demonstration of power that says: "Hey, I know your address. I can make your life hell at any time. Deal with it." Absolutely disgusting! Ethan and Trisha are no innocents, but this is clearly going too far.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.