Amouranth Pretended To Be Pregnant & People Are Angry

Amouranth's recent April Fools' prank has people up in arms, and Amouranth has something to say about it...

amouranth pregnant
Amouranth is totally right with this one. | © Amouranth via Twitch

Last week, we experienced easily the most tedious tradition of the year: April Fools' Day. With the advent of the internet, luckily, most pranks have moved to being online misinformation, because that is somehow defined as "funny". Whilst I am oblivious to what makes certain aspects of internet culture "funny", I do understand why Amouranth got a little annoyed by some responses to a prank she played as part of this year's celebration.

So the context of this story is pretty simple: it was April Fools' Day, Amouranth – an OnlyFans star worth millions – decided to play a prank. That prank? She said that she was pregnant in her Twitch title. Yeah, that's it. Pretty minor, right? Well, it might have been a minor and rather harmless joke that would have caused most people to not even bat an eyelash, but some Twitter warriors were upset. Oh, and as always, these same Twitter warriors decided that we all needed to hear their opinions.

Tagging KEEMSTAR in their Tweet, one user (whom we will not name-and-shame because, you know... ethics?) slammed Amouranth's joke, bringing some pretty bizarre arguments to the table. Prepare to cringe...

Nice to see @Amouranth putting she's pregnant in her twitch title on this day. Wonder if it's legit or just a stupid infantile and moronic April Fools "joke" about a subject matter many women deal with (fertility issues).

Really? That's all it takes to trigger some people? Sure, fertility issues are a very real thing and something that need to be talked about more widely... but I don't think that Amouranth had some crazy evil message behind this very obvious April Fools' joke?

Amouranth Responds To Pregnant Joke Haters

In an honestly hilarious response, Amouranth launched into the Twitter warrior, slamming both Keemstar and the Tweeter for stirring up controversy for no reason. A lot of time when Amouranth speaks out about similar things to this it induces a good load of cringe, like that time she agreed with a pretty dumb thing Kim Kardashian said, but this time?

No, this time she's totally right. Have a read...

Imagine an alternate universe where instead of Batman we have Keemstar. Whenever some injustice (inconsequential drama) goes unanswered the citizens of Twitter shine a bright Dramalert logo adorned search light into the night

It's honestly so annoying when people get up in arms about stuff like this. I don't really think that Amouranth's joke was all that funny, but it certainly wasn't offensive. Again, it's kind of... well... utterly harmless, with no ill-intent and no reason for people to be mad? It certainly feels like the Twitter mob are just looking to stir up some kind of trouble sometimes, especially if that can get them a bit of notoriety. Just so tedious, honestly, but Amouranth responded perfectly.