Fortnite "Play Your Way": Missions & Rewards

Earn XP and free items in Fortnite by completing all Play Your Way contracts. We'll show you how it's done.

Fortnite Spiele auf deine Weise
Earn some free rewards with the Play Your Way quests. | © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 is coming to an end. That means it's high time you finally completed your Battle Pass!

To help you with this, Epic has now released a questline called Play Your Way. Here you have the opportunity to unlock not only XP but also free items within six different games through various orders. We have an overview of all "Play your way" missions and rewards for you.

"Play your way" rewards

You will receive XP for each Play Your Way mission. By completing a certain number of these missions, you will also unlock the following matching cosmetics:

Completed a total of 5 Play Your Way missions:

  • Brite Boarder Style of the Back Board Back Bling
  • Taco Takeoff Loading Screen

7 total Play Your Way Quests completed:

  • Cuddle Kickflip Style of the Back Board Back Bling
  • The Cuddle Team Loading Screen

9 total Play Your Way Quests completed:

  • Goofy Fin Style of the Back Board Back Bling
  • Above the Clouds Wrap

11 total Play Your Way Quests completed:

  • Llamasploded Style of the Back Board Back Bling
  • Kaleido-Crusher Pickaxe
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How cool are these back accessories? | © Epic Games

"Play Your Way" Map Codes & Missions

You can complete the quests in six different games. There are two missions to complete in each game.

GameMap CodeMissions
Escape The World Parkour6831-5416-6480
  • Complete 3 Biomes in Escape the World ParkourComplete
  • Escape the World Parkour
Monster Wars4164-3090-6037
  • Spend 750 Gold in Monster Wars
  • Outlive 3 Monsters in Monster Wars
Frozst Survival2228-7588-2382
  • Erreiche Level 20 in Eisiger Überlebenskampf
  • Füge 10.000 Schaden innerhalb von 10 Sekunden in Eisiger Überlebenskampf zu
Go Goated! Zone Wars3305-1551-7747
  • Destroy 50 structures in Go GOATED!
  • Deal 5,000 damage in Go GOATED!
One Shot One Game0345-9115-1287
  • Eliminate 3 Opponents without being eliminated in One Shot Gun Game 5 times
  • Eliminate 55 Opponents in One Shot Gun Game
Rainbow Crossroads0487-8528-5944
  • Complete 5 Achievements at Rainbow Crossroads
  • Complete 10 Achievements at Rainbow Crossroads
  • Throw 20 paint around at Rainbow Crossroads

And that was all. We wish you good luck!

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