Fortnite Brings First Transgender Character Into The Game

Within the LGBTQIA+ Fortnite event "Rainbow Royale", Dreamer, a transexual superhero from the DC series Supergirl, will be the first trans character to enter the game.

Fortnite Dreamer skin
The first transexual character aka Dreamer is coming to Fortnite. | © Epic Games

As always, the last Fortnite update leaked some new skins that should come to Fortnite within the next few weeks. A skin that is sure to catch everyone's attention: Dreamer, a trans character from the TV series Supergirl. The beauty will appear in-game to coincide with Fortnite's LGBTQIA+ event in September.

This is Dreamer

The Supergirl fans probably already know her. Dreamer, played by Nicole Maines, is from the DC television series Supergirl, which ended in late 2021 after six seasons. Dreamer is credited not only with being the show's first trans superhero character, but the first trans superhero character on television.

Not only is she a groundbreaking character, but she has had a fairly loyal following and has been well received by the LGBTQIA+ community in general. Nia Nal (Dreamer's non-superhero name) was a totally original creation for the series and not a lazy adaptation of a non-trans comic book character made trans to appeal to the demographic.

20-year-old Nicole is a trans woman herself – and fights for her rights. In her role as Nia Nal, the young journalist comes to National City and meets Supergirl there. She has a strong need to protect other people and as the season progresses she becomes the superhero Dreamer, who can foretell death.

Dreamer is coming to Fortnite

The inclusion of Nia Nal in Fortnite is believed to be related to the upcoming annual Rainbow Royale event, an event designed to celebrate Fortnite's LGBTQIA+ community. If that's the case, Dreamer will appear in-game around mid-September, as that's also when Rainbow Royale returns to Fortnite.

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