Fortnite: Lady Gaga Concert As The Next Live Event?

Some leaks suggest that a Lady Gaga concert could become Fortnite's next live event. What's with the rumours?

Fortnite Skin Lady Gaga
If Lady Gaga comes to Fortnite, please do the same! | © principe_guto via Twitter

Fortnite has collaborated with many artists over the years, from dance emotes to hits like Dynamite and Say So, to full-on virtual concerts featuring the biggest stars of all time.

One pop superstar who's been rumored to be appearing in Fortnite for months is Lady Gaga - and a new series of leaks has hinted a collab could actually happen in the coming weeks.

Will Lady Gaga host a live concert in Fortnite?

We all remember the concerts of Marshmello, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande. These events were so blatant that they broke streaming records, among other things. Everyone was there, Fortnite fan or not. However, it's been over a year since Ari's Rift Tour. So the fans are hyped for the next big Fortnite concert. And Lady Gaga could be the next artist to host a concert in Fortnite if recent events and rumors are to be believed.

As some well-known Fortnite leakers found out, there's a collaborative emote coming soon called "Jug Band" that features the same tune as Lady Gaga's hit single Poker Face when four players emote together.

Of course, it could just be a fun emote, but most of the pop songs that pop up in Fortnite are recent hits or titles that have gone viral on TikTok - neither of which is really true on Poker Face.

Many fans are now speculating that a virtual appearance by Lady Gaga in Fortnite could be imminent, similar to Ariana Grande's Rift Tour concert that took place in August 2021. Of course, there would also be an exclusive icon skin again. And if it looks half as cool as this concept by principe_guto, we're sure the event will go through the roof:

It's also worth noting that the final Fortnite update is expected to arrive a week before the current season's finale in September, meaning any potential event files could be added then.

Also, starting September 7, Fortnite will be hosting its next Pride event, Rainbow Royale. Lady Gaga is a huge LGBTQ+ icon, so it would definitely make sense to tie it all together.

Of course, this is all just speculation and rumors, but a Fortnite Lady Gaga concert could break all records again. We're definitely hyped for it!

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